Augusta County Public Elementary Schools: ACCESSIBLE & INCLUSIVE PLAYGROUNDS

1 play options for all:

  • Real choices of play for each child
  • A graduated range of challenge builds confidence and skills sets
  • Multi-sensory play options engage vestibular (movement & balance), proprioceptive (body position), tactile (touch), auditory (hearing) & visual (sight)
  • Supports behavior regulation, attention/focus, weight maintenance, blood sugar levels, social & emotional health

2 Allows greater safey & accessibility:

  • Protective, shock absorbing unitary surfacing
  • Wide movement routes
  • Smooth, even transitions on and off equipment
  • Built in space for care provider

3 necessary accommodations :

  • Shading for UV light sensitivity due to medical complexity and/or increased vulnerability due to medication
  • Communication areas reduce frustration and facilitate means of communication for non/low verbal or speech impaired students
  • Quiet areas provide respite for students who require less stimulation