Board of Directors

Teri Adams, Founder & Executive Director

Haley Shull, Director, Fundraising & Events

Peter Boutros, Director, Workforce Alignment

Jessi Barnes, Director, Inclusive Design

D. Brent Adams, Director, Business Development

Teri Adams

Founder, Executive Director

Teri Adams is a resident of August County since 2017, and lives with her family, husband Brent of nine years, and two children, Ashlee and Daniel, both 7 years old, plus rescue pup, primrose. Teri holds a BS, Chemistry & Biology, from Marymount College, New York in 1992. In 2001, she earned a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from NYMC, GSBMS followed by a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Michigan Medical School in the Department of Pathology. She transitioned to the chemical industry, Alconox, Inc, in 2006 as Director of Science & Marketing and later as Director Quality Assurance. She is a Certified Quality Auditor through American Society of Quality. Teri serves as the Vice President of the Augusta County Public Schools Special Education Advisory Council since 2018 and has been active in coaching T-Ball and is an active volunteer at the Hugh K. Cassell PTO. Teri enjoys gardening, cooking and genealogy.

"As mom of two children who were born 17 weeks premature, I have learned a lot about the needs of children with developmental delays as well as other health impairments. It breaks my heart to see exclusion of certain children who can not engage or participate in "real" play on playgrounds due to barriers like physical access or sensory stimuli. Play is fundamental to all children's social, emotion and physical growth. It is imperative that we do better, exceed the bare bones of ADA compliance, and start embracing accessible, inclusive design promoting play for ALL abilities and mobilities! To do this we are partnering with educational resources that help communities "move" playgrounds beyond minimum accessibility guidelines to provide inclusive, multigenerational play destinations that encourage active, independent, & meaningful play for everyone. " - Teri

Haley Shull

Director, Fundraising & Events

Haley Shull is a resident of Augusta County since 2016, and lives with her family, husband Bill of nine years, sons Conner, 9, and Bradley, 7 and two pups, Molly and Bristol. Haley studied Human Services at Onondaga Community College and is the Branch Manager at United Bank in Waynesboro. She serves as a board member for the Wilson Workforce and Rehabilitation Center Foundation, is an active member of Hugh k. Cassell PTO and several recreational organizations within Augusta County. Her interests and hobbies are baseball, promoting financial literacy in the school system, community involvement and reading!
“As the sister of a sibling with Cerebral Palsy, I am very aware of the struggles (social, physical and emotional) that children with special needs face. I believe that children learn interpersonal skills during their time of play, which in turn, means that they playground is critical. By secluding children with special needs, a wall is driven between them and their able bodied friends, a wall that is generally not easily broken down. By incorporating inclusive and adaptive pieces to existing playground structures throughout the Augusta County Public School System, children with sensory disorders, mobility challenges and those bound to wheelchairs can participate in real play, thus promoting inclusivity. Inclusive play is so much more than just fun on the playground. It’s learning how to be a friend, learning to help, learning to accept, to share, to take turns, to be patient; these are skills that we carry with us into adulthood and it’s critical that they are taught and experienced during the early years of life.” - Haley

Peter Boutros

Director, Workforce Alignment

Peter Boutros, and his wife, Lisa, currently reside in Waynesboro, VA with their son Sullivan, and two dogs, Sophia and Shera. Both Peter and his wife grew up in Augusta County and are enjoying raising their son here. Peter graduated from Wilson High School, followed by earning a BS in Engineering and Biology from Virginia Tech in 2004. Peter holds a class A Construction License and is Senior Vice President at W. Boutros & Company, a local land development and construction business. Emerald Hills and Ana Marie Estates are among neighborhoods developed by W. Boutros & Company. Peter enjoys watching college and NFL football, traveling and playing fetch with beloved pup, Shera.
“When I first learned about Augusta at Play immediately I recognized the county-wide need for inclusive playgrounds and fully accessible parks for residents in our community. Multigenerational play is very important, especially because I want my extended family and friends to enjoy playing with my son. By reducing physical barriers to park and playground access, families all over the county will be able to enjoy time together, and creating lifelong memories.” - Peter

Jessi Barnes

Director, Inclusive Design

Jessi Barnes, PLA, ASLA, has lived in Augusta County with her beloved partner Colin Gentry, and sweet pup Ms. Biloxi, since the spring of 2018. She is a Licensed Professional Landscape Architect, holds an M.S. in Disaster Resilience Leadership fromTulane University and a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from Ball State University. She obtained a Certificate in Public Interest Design from Mississippi State University, as well as a Certificate in the Environment and Sustainable Development from Tecnológico de Monterrey (ITESM). Jessi is conversational in Spanish and Poruguese, and has taught English in Japan. She is currently employed by Barghausen Consulting Engineers, and she formerly worked for Barker Landscape Architects; Cascade Design Collaborative; Gulf Coast Community Design Studio; and Fanning/Howey. Jessi is a member of the American Society of Landscape Architects. Jessi explores the great outdoors via kayaking, hiking, and cycling, and she enjoys quiet moments while gardening, sketching, painting, and reading.
Our public spaces define our culture and our values, including how we value each other.believe that advocating for equal access to our parks and playgrounds and teaching children how to positively and respectfully interact with each other can only enrich all of our lives. Let’s imagine what our community will look like when we’re fully embracing all of our neighbors—then let’s get to work!” - Jessi

D. Brent Adams

Director, Business Development

Brent resides in Fishersville with his wife, Teri, and their two children Daniel and Ashlee since 2017. Brent earned a BS Engineering from SUNY Maritime in 1993 followed by an MBA from Wilkes University. Brent has spent most of his professional career in the for-profit Industrial and HVAC business sector and has been a small business owner. He has a passion for coaching youth sports and has held several board positions on various athletic associations over the years. Brent serves as Treasurer on The Emerald Hills HOA. Brent enjoys spending time with his family, gardening, and playing the ukulele.
“I feel passionate about creating accessible and inclusive playgrounds, as both my children have developmental delays, I have seen first hand the barriers to play they have encountered. I’ve come to realize that ADA compliance, though a step in the right direction, often fall short of actually creating a truly accessible or inclusive environment. I hope that Augusta At Play can make a significant impact here in the county to improve access and inclusive play for all. In addition, one of my goals through Augusta At Play is to increase employment awareness and create greater job opportunities for ALL abilities and mobilities.” - Brent