United Advertising & Manuals

This manual is believed to be printed after 1915 as it includes the Kerosene Throttle Governing mixer. The throttle governed engines were believed to be first available in 1915. This manual does not lead the reader to believe these are "new" models or advanced features so the engines were likely on the market for some time prior to this version of the manual. Best estimate to a publish year would be 1916-1919, but it could be even later than that.

March 13, 1915 Invoice for a 6 HP Type A engine with a magneto. Sold to Mowrey Latshaw Hardware, Spring City, PA for $159.

The bill was paid March 22, 1915.

Adjusting for inflation, that price in 2018 would be roughly $3880.92

There is math on the page indicating the customer asked for a quote for 30 engines. Likely, he was planning on purchasing 30 6 HP engines for his store to sell throughout the year. In today's market that would be $116,427.67 worth of engines to hopefully sell in your store.

This would have been an Associated built engine likely with a straight trip igniter and 4 bolt magneto.

May 21, 1915 Invoice for 2- 6 HP engines with magnetos, and 2 1-3/4 HP air cooled engines. Sold to Sampson Power & Thresher Company, East Berkshire, VT. The total cost was $390.00

The bill was paid June 9, 1915.

Adjusting for inflation, that price in 2018 would be roughly $9,519.24

There is math on this page as well but it is unclear what they were calculating.

These were likely Type A Associated built engines, but it is possible they were very late Type F Waterloo built engines. If Type A, they were likely straight trip with 4 bolt magnetos on the 6 HPs.

November 13, 1913 letter to the Buchanan Hardware Co, Richfield Springs, NY from the Albany NY office.


I am in receipt of your favor and wish to thank you for the order for 1-1/2 HP. air cooled pumper to be shipped to Mr. Oscar Brown (?) of Jordanville. I have one of these engines in stock from which the mixer is missing. I have wired the factory however to have them forward one by parcel post and will rush it forward as soon as the mixer arrives. This will be the old type "F" engine and jack. We have not got our new line of type "A" pumpers completed yet. Will send you circulars of some as soon as we have.

Very truly yours.

James Schoonmaker

Eastern Mgr."

January 5, 1915 letter to W. H. E. France from the Albany NY office.

"Dear sir:

As I have had some previous correspondence with you, and thinking perhaps you would be interested in our new catalog and that has just been issued, I take pleasure in enclosing same herewith and for your information will state that all prices are subject to a discount of 30%, based on Lansing delivery.

Your territory is still open and I would like very much to have you consider taking on the United line in this section. Aside from the goods listed in the catalog we have a 1000 lb. machine listed at $75, subject to our regular discount, and also a #0 cream separator with a capacity of 100 lbs. per hour. This separator is designed especially for one or two cows and is an exact duplicate of our #1 separator, only smaller. It is our intention to make a leader of this particular separator and it will be placed in the hands of the dealers at a net price of $12.75.

I trust you will find it convenient to acknowledge receipt of the catalog and advise me to your wishes with reference to the territory.

Very truly yours,

James N Schoonmaker,


Catalog reprint likely printed 1914-1915. A nearly identical catalog, in color, accompanied the above letter. In the catalog are Type A engines, water pumps, grinders, pulleys, and various other United equipment. All engines shown in this catalog are straight trip engines.

3 page letter dated August 23, 1915 explaining new 1916 model United features and pricing on other engines. This is the only document to date that mentions Type C engines (built by Nelson Brothers).

2 page letter dated November 19, 1915 explaining the new 1916 model United features. This letter was sent with a double sided folded brochure entailing engines and clutch pulleys. The brochure can be seen immediately below.

This double sided brochure was included with the above letter. The United engine is the front cover, cream separator is rear cover, The big dealer price chart is the complete back side, the clutch pulley chart is the inside of the folded section.

This is the envelope postmarked May 1, 1929 from Lansing, Michigan. The company has moved to 719 East St. Joseph Street.

This is the invoice enclosed in the above envelope with the catalog to the right. Notice former president C. L. Sprinkle is not named on any document.

This is a brochure/poster for United. I would estimate this around 1922-23 since the engines shown have the J style mixer and the oversize ratings.