Auckland Plastic Surgical Centre

What the Cost of Surgery Entails

Surgery of any kind is expensive. Whether the patient will be in the hospital or facility overnight, a week, or not at all costs all add up. The surgeon, the operating room, the anesthesiologist, the recovery, all needed materials, medications for pain, and the follow up appointment can be hundreds of thousands of dollars. Depending on the surgery, insurance may cover all, part, or none of it.

Cosmetic Surgery

This category is typically not included in medical insurance benefits because it is elective for most patients. It is possible to get some surgeries covered in the event of an accident, injury, defect, or need for reconstructive surgery. The process of ear reshaping, for example, is covered when the structure of the ear reduces function. Parents who want their children to have this procedure to prevent teasing in school will have to pay for it themselves.

Private Pay or Co-payments

Those paying for their own surgery have to be aware of what is included in the price, and what will cost extra money. Many patients are shocked when they get the total bill and discover several hidden costs. The price they were quoted is accompanied by separate costs for the anesthetic used, or the nursing care while in recovery, or an administration fee. Do not make assumption when getting quotes for surgery options.

Ask for Itemization of Costs

Having a quote that has separate costs for each line item lets patients know exactly what is covered in the price. If the quote does not have line items, ask for them. Do not hesitate to ask all the billing questions that need to be answered for clarification. There is no need to be embarrassed or feel awkward about making sure everything is clear and understood.

A Comprehensive Quote

Experienced cosmetic surgical facilities, such as Auckland Plastic Surgical Centre, will be clear regarding billing and have no hidden costs. There may be complications that arise that add to costs if surgery takes substantially longer than anticipated. These are rare, and will be disclosed as soon as possible.

The quote includes the facility, medical tests needed, anesthesia, the actual procedure, and the services of the surgeon. Garments, medications, and follow up visits for twelve months from the date of the surgery are included as well. Help with insurance prior approval, financing, and payment plans are all detailed on the website. Patients considering cosmetic surgery can go to for information regarding surgical and non-surgical procedures offered, biographies of surgeons and support staff, and financing options.