We Help You Play Jazz Guitar

You Want To Improvise Jazz Guitar. Like Crazy!

You are utterly in love with the idea of being able to pick up your guitar, like a magic wand,

and make up great music on the spot, straight from your imagination.

Music that captures you. Other musicians. Other guitar players. Other fans. Other listeners.

All you are missing now are the magic secrets of jazz guitar.

But you have a problem!

There is a massive wall of irrelevance all around you.

Everything you read and watch online on learning jazz guitar is for everybody but you.

You wonder how, after 200 years of jazz, somebody hasn't cracked the code yet for jazz guitar fanatics like you.

Who currently share their passion with a career and/or fatherhood.

So how do you cut through the noise and learn the magic?

A Big Problem!

Your big problem is that you don't have a guide ..

who has actually walked your jazz guitar path ..

through your freedom years ..

through your career and family responsibilities years,

through your empty nest years and through your golden years---

and kept playing and studying jazz guitar all the way through.

Like you want to.

Bypass the Frustration

All this irrelevance is frustrating you and putting you through unnecessary conflict.

You are investing in valuable career, family and jazz guitar lifetime investments.

You want to know your jazz guitar lessons and sessions pay you back,

after each practice session and when your kids grow up.

You want to know they do not conflict with your responsibilities.

And that you don't have to rob your family and career to play jazz guitar!.

Your Jazz Guitar Guide

When I was 29 years old I discovered that what I most wanted was to study, teach, compose, improvise, play wonderful music.

Through my family years, working years and rocking chair years.

I found the best available music teachers on the planet at the time.

With them I did the equivalent of 32 years of composition, arranging, improvisation and jazz guitar instruction--in one year.

Over the next 35 years I learned how to teach the magic of improvisational jazz guitar through playing, studying and teaching jazz guitar..

It's Just Plain Wrong

That you can't learn the magic of jazz guitar improvising ..

while holding down a day job and raising a young family!

Start Your Jazz Guitar Journey Now With Your Free Discovery Session

Register your free account now and book your Free Discovery Session where we

1. Discover your unique goals

From there we will:

2. Map out your paths

3. Map out your skills sets

When we know your direction and required skills, we then

4. Map out your training and practice sessions

So that you (and your career and family) know what you are doing on a session by session basis.

With your specific direction, personal paths, individualised tools and focused training in place your guide can now

5. Teach, coach, mentor and monitor progress

and accompany you, the hero, on your heroes journey

What 240 Hours On Your Jazz Guitar Journey Will Enable You To Enjoy!

In only 240 hours of directed Jazz Guitar energy and focus you will

  • play any jazz guitar chord on demand
  • sing three jazz standard melodies as solfa and rhythmisation
  • play three jazz standards with two chord melody versions
  • play and ornament all four part arpeggios
  • improvise standards with melodic substitution, ornaments and arpeggios
  • talk 7 rhythm vocabularies

and you will

  • maintain your career and
  • enjoy your family responsibilities.

What Delaying Your Jazz Guitar Journey by 240 Hours Will Cost You!

By delaying 40 lessons and 200 practice sessions you will

  • frustrate yourself with unsuccessful guitar time
  • not progress proven study and learning habits (you will go backwards!)
  • demotivate yourself with unsuccessful practice session after frustrating practise session
  • risk subjecting your career and family to your guitar frustrations
  • risk another frustrating year in the next year,
  • risk compounding your distress and giving up
  • not have taken a single step on your heroic Jazz Guitar Journey!

Enjoy the Person You Are Growing Into

Enjoy the journey from

(My family, career and) I can't do this


Who can stop me (and my family and career) from doing this?

Enjoy the adjustment from

Where I'll find the time to practise?


Amazing how easy it is to practise when I'm making progress.

Enjoy the transition from


I'll never get there at this rate.


This is the fastest rate that my carer and responsibilities and in the second half of my life, I'm really good with that.

Enjoy the progression from

I feel guilty like I'm robbing career and family time for my own selfishness.


It's great being able to give good vibes to my career and family after another successful practice