Important Dates

Many of the important dates related to Convention are determined by our chapter's bylaws, where we outline the rules our organization must operate under, and the date of the Convention.


December 13, 2020: Registration opens

December 17, 2020: General Body Meeting

January 4, 2020, midnight: Deadline for proposed bylaws amendments, priority resolutions, and resolution submissions and cosigner signatures

January 17, 2020: Deadline to register for Convention with lunch

January 18, 2020:

  • Deadline to submit a request for a voting proxy via this form.
  • Deadline to nominate yourself or someone else for the Leadership Committee.

January 25, 2020: ATX DSA Convention 2020!

ATX DSA Convention 2020 Timeline

Relevant Bylaws

Bylaws Amendments: Proposed amendments to these bylaws will be considered at the annual chapter convention. For a proposed amendment to be considered, it must include all specific language to be added, removed, or changed, have 20 cosponsors, and be submitted to the leadership committee not more than 90 days and not fewer than 21 days in advance of the annual convention. (Section 10.1)

Cosponsors to Bylaws Amendments: All co-sponsors for bylaws amendments must be members in good standing. All names of co-sponsors must include the date and time of co-sponsorship. Co-sponsorship must take place after the specific language of a bylaws amendment has been finalized, and any subsequent changes to the bylaws amendment cannot be made without co-sponsors re-affirming their co-sponsorship with an updated date and time. (Section 10.3)

Proxy Voting: To ensure a high level of participation, signed proxy voting will be allowed for the convention. All signed proxies must be submitted to the Leadership Committee at least seven days in advance, and no member will be allowed to serve as more than one member’s proxy. (Section 12.3)

Priorities Resolutions: All priorities resolutions must be submitted to the chapter’s co-chairs with at least 20 members in good standing signing as co-sponsors. Individual priorities resolutions may be co-sponsored individually or co-sponsored and submitted together as a full set of priorities. (Section 12.5)