How do I know if I'm blocked on WhatsApp?

Nowadays WhatsApp is a very essential part of our life, We can't imagine without Cool Status For WhatsApp, Billions of people use whats app, and few of billions know how to check they if someone blocks you, and most people have a question that How do I know if I'm blocked on WhatsApp?Here we introduce some quick tips which you may follow to know if someone blocks you. You can follow the cool status for WhatsApp blog to find more.

1: Note Last Seen Status:

If a feature of WhatsApp Last Seen enabled in your WhatsApp profile, it means you will also be able to see the last seen latest status of others. But if someone blocks you on WhatsApp, last seen status will not be visible.

I mean if xyz blocked you on WhatsApp, you will not be able to see the status / her WhatsApp, the only blank place will enable to see you. For more information you can visit Latest shayari blog to know more about that matter.

So it means if you see last seen status before and suddenly it despairs then you can sure he/she blocks you.

2.Whatsapp photos profile:

If someone blocks you in WhatsApp then you might not see their display picture in his/her profile,

3. Check if a Message Delivered or Not

If someone blocked you, the message will not be delivered to the person. This means you will not see the check mark twice.

4: Try to Make Calls WhatsApp

If someone blocked you, you will not be able to connect to WhatsApp call with that person. If you try to call people on WhatsApp. The call will automatically expire without additional connect. If you have a problem to understand the process you can view WhatsApp status for additional information.


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