Attendance Management Software

What is Attendance Management Software?

The attendance management software is specially designed for tracking the presence or absent of the employee that can help to calculate the salary. You can be done manually, but it is difficult to maintain a large data and there is a risk or errors. So we need an attendance management software that maintains an attendance without any error.

Payroll Software is managing the employees who get paid by the company. Payroll software also manages and calculate the total number of money that the company pays to the employees.

What does payroll software do?

  • Generates payslips
  • Produces annual reports
  • Keeps Records Effortlessly
  • Calculates tax and National Insurance deductions
  • Uses timesheets to record employee attendance and time worked
  • Determine Company Needs
  • Employee Self-Service
Payroll Software in India
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Why use Attendance Management Software?

The attendance management software known as payroll software, HR software. Payroll software is commonly used to keep track of its employee salaries, bonuses, wages, etc. Because of the automated system it done most of the work so it allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business. It also used to monitor the real time attendance and movement of the employees in the working hours.

Why is Attendance Management Software is important for company?

It is difficult task for a company to monitor employee time and attendance. By the monitoring employee time or attendance, the company can determine which employee arrive on time and which one late. Also, track the employee who frequently on leave.

What Features Should Have Every Attendance Management System?

An HR software must have the features like employee real-time attendance or time tracking, ability to submit a leave, maintain complete employee database, salary calculation with deductions (income tax, PF, E.S.I., etc).

  • Clocking In and Out
  • Effective user interface
  • Absence and Leave management
  • Payroll integration
  • Benefits, bonus management
  • Reports, payslips, forms
  • Elimination of missed punches
  • Bulk SMS & email Facility
  • Uncompromising compliance
  • Employee Record-keeping

Popular Attendance Management System

There is various attendance management software available in the Indian market. So first you need to understand your requirement and then choose the best one employee management software who full-fill your requirement. We are providing some best and popular attendance management system which is more than attendance tracking and includes other functionalities like leave management, overtime management, and real-time reports.

  • Gen Payroll
  • Keka for HR & Payroll
  • Zoho People
  • GreytHR
  • ADP
  • SumHR

Create Your Own Attendance Management System using Gen Payroll System

Gen Payroll is one of the most popular and trusted software in India. Gen Payroll is a complete human resource management solution for corporate HR managers. The Gen Payroll manages a complete database of the employees and their details such as personal information, salary data, attendance, investment details, salary certificates, arrears, bonus, etc.

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