Year-Long Materials by trimester

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downloadable attendance resources


Key is Only 3 LOGO

Right click to save as image and then use as needed

Key 3 Attendance Matters poster.pdf

Attendance Matters Poster PDF

Can be downloaded and printed on 11 x 17 paper

Right click to save image

Att Matters Kid Apples.pdf

PDF 17 x 11 poster

Attendance Foundation video (2 min. 40 sec)

2018-2019 TRIMESTER BPS Tracking calendars.pdf

2018-2019 BPS ELEMENTARY Attendance Tracking Calendars PDF

Contact for customization

2018-2019 Success Plan and Calendar.pdf


RiverStone Health clinic Info.pdf

RiverStone School-based Health Clinic INFORMATION

Attendance Year Apples 2017 Poster.pdf

Attendance Matters Attendance Categories Poster PDF

Can be downloaded and printed on 17 x 11 paper

Attendance Categories Image

Right click to save and crop

3 and KEY poster.pdf

Key and 3 for photos (11x17)

HANDOUT Why is it important that my child go to school EVERY day- (9).pdf

HANDOUT (8.5 x 11) PDF

Why is it important for my child to go to school EVERY day?

Foundation Handout Update July 2018.pdf

Foundations Poster or Handout (8.5x11)


What is Good Attendance Handout

Yearlong Attendance Categories

You Did It TRIMESTER.pdf

YOU DID IT Handout

Postcards We missed you! No key logo.pdf

Postcards for Students PDF

can be sized 4.25 x 5.5 so 2 fit on an 8.5 x 11 paper

End of Year Card.pdf

Parent End of Year Postcard

Parent Tips Image

right click to save image and use as needed

Graduation Begins with Good Attendance POSTERS

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2017-2018 HS MS 6 week tracking calendar.pdf

Sample MIDDLE SCHOOL Attendance Tracking Calendars PDF

Contact: for customization