Attachment Parenting Helps in Raising the Babies the Way Nature Intends To

Parenting the babies should be in a way which would help in bringing the best out of your to develop the best inside the baby. It can be done pretty much easily with the help of attachment parenting. With that said, there are some attachment-parenting practices which are worth mentioning here.

Birth bonding

After the birth of baby, mother tends to be closer to the baby. This is the early attachment which creates and develops understanding between the baby and mother. This time which is spent together leads both the baby and mother to have major developments in the behavior that creates biological attachment that represents special bonding between mother and the baby. This is the special relationship in which baby is the ultimately needy and mother is ultimately ready to provide.

Sometimes, there can be medical complications which may keep the baby and mother separated. But then there is the catch-up parenting which sometimes creates even stronger bond.


Breastfeeding is not the phenomenon of providing baby the necessary sustenance only. It is also the process in which mother gets to know more about the baby. The first thing that mother can learn about baby in this process is the body language. Furthermore, there are some brain building nutrients in the breast milk. These nutrients are not available in the other sources. Hence, the baby develops special sort of ‘brain connection’ with the mother thanks to breastfeeding.

Baby wearing

Baby wearing doesn’t only help the mother to keep the baby attached to her but it also brings alertness to the baby while he would be in the absolute relaxed state. Baby wearing allows the baby to observe things around him, enabling him to learn more than the state of being detached from the mother. At the same time, the baby gets even closer to the mother and the bond strengthens.

Bedding close the baby

While it’s recommended for the grown up children to be given private beds and separate rooms, opposite is recommended for the babies. The reason is that babies can get afraid while sleeping away from the mother. When the baby sleeps in the touching range, he can be more relaxed and happy. When you keep the baby closer while sleeping, you actually teach the baby that sleeping is for relaxing.

Understanding the language when baby cries

Baby cries out of pure need, and hence he wants the mother to understand and fulfill the need. The reason he cries is that he wants to convey the message. Initially, the mother may not be able to understand the demand, but sooner the mother starts to decode those messages. It’s just a matter of time and proper observation that mother comes to learn about the patterns of crying and the gestures while crying.