On this page you find will links to project documents such as meeting summaries, displays, and handouts; draft and final plan information; resource documents from other pertinent studies; and other important resources.

final Plan Documents

The final plan documents are below. Please note, the files are too large to show a preview online. However, they can be downloaded and saved to your local device for viewing.

CD12 Neighborhood Blueprint Appendix (1).pdf
CD12 Neighborhood Blueprint Report SPREADS 10-3.pdf
CD12 Neighborhood Blueprint Report 10-3.pdf

Fact Sheets & Plan Documents

Fact Sheet for CD 12 Neighborhood Blueprint Plan (Updated).pdf

community Meeting Presentations & Summaries

Dist12 Community Meeting 1_2-8-18.pdf
2018-02-08 Public Meeting 1 Notes.pdf
Dist12 Design Workshop 03-24-18 (Sycamore).pdf
District 12 Design Workshop Summary 4-3-18 (1).pdf
Dist12 Community Meeting 3_5-30-18 Final.pdf
Dist12 Community Meeting 4_7-11-18 (edits and ACD slides added).pdf
2018-05-30 Public Meeting 3 Notes.pdf

Steering Committee Meeting Presentations

Dist12 Steering Committee 1-22-18.pdf
Dist12 Steering Committee 4-23-18.pdf
Dist12 Steering Committee 3-14-18.pdf
Dist12 Steering Committee 4_6-13-18 (2).pdf