Finding a Bail Bondsman

Finding a reliable bail bondsman in Atlanta, Georgia is quite the task. When you call them, half the time they don't pick up. The other half of the time, they're extremely rude or put you on hold for several minutes. At that point, many people just hang up and call another bonding company. So, how do you know who to call? Well, it's actually pretty easy if you don't mind doing a little leg-work beforehand. Here's some tips on finding an Atlanta bail bondsman that can get your friend or loved one out of jail quickly.

Tips on Getting a Bail Bond Written Quickly in Atlanta, Georgia

A biggest reasons that many people get hung up on or get the 'rude treatment' when they call for a bail bond are the following:

  • They are distracted and have too many things going on in the background, making the phone conversation difficult.
  • They don't know which jail the defendant is being held in.
  • They try to negotiate rates right away.
  • They are rude to the person who answers the phone at the bonding company.
  • They don't know how to spell the defendant's name.

So, if you want to get a bail bond written quickly in Atlanta, I would recommend that you don't do any of the things on the above list. Here's some resources regarding what you SHOULD do to get a bondsman on your side...

Atlanta Bail Bonding Company Resources

Here's what one Atlanta bail company says about having a great experience with a bonding agent over the phone.

First of all, you should be ready to talk to someone when you call. Expect them to answer the phone and be professional. If you expect a bail bonds company to be rude, the way that you interact with them will be different. In turn, they might be rude to you back. You have to understand that they have people calling them all day demanding their help and some of them even make threats! So firstly, don't have any distractions going on around you so that you can give the company your full attention.

Another great tip is to know exactly which jail the defendant is being held in. They'll be able to tell you when they call you after the booking process. I recommend that you write it down, and if you can, try to get the booking number. As an inmate of any jail in Atlanta, Georgia, they'll be given that information after they are booked into the system.

A common question most bail bonding companies get is how to get the process started and what exactly a bail bond is. Here's a recent publication we put out on how bail bonds work in Atlanta, GA.

How Bail Bonds Work in Atlanta Georgia

As you can read in the above document, getting a bond written is a pretty easy process. What you don't know is all of the internal processes that have to take place to get a defendant out of jail. Each county limits the amount of bonding companies that can service the area. Furthermore, each bonding company must have several different types of insurance. This is actually what cements the bond in place. The insurance companies are the actual entities that are vouching for the defendant.

If that person doesn't show up for their court date, then the bonding company has to pay the full amount of the bond, and not just the 10%-15% required to get them out. In actuality, the insurance companies will fork up the money, but then will also raise the bail bonding company's rates. So, yes a bonding company makes money, but there is a lot of risk involved. This is why the profession of bounty hunting exists. Just so the full amount of the bond doesn't have to be paid, a bail agent would rather pay someone less of a sum in order to make sure the person goes into custody, which ensures they will go in front of the judge.

Make sense?

Another common question that these bail bonds companies hear a lot is how to qualify for a bail bond. Here's a simple outline of the process...

Qualifying for Atlanta Bail Bonds

Originally, the idea of bail bonds came about to instill a check/balance in the judicial system having too much power over citizens. Back in the day, many people were jailed without 'probable cause,' and were not allowed to leave until they spoke to a judge or had a trial. This, as you can imagine, was extremely frustrating to the general population. The local government simply wanted to make sure that the accused didn't run away and that they faced their charges. Many people lost their jobs and by default, neglected their family responsibilities.

In today's hustle and bustle, bail bonds are a crucial part of the criminal process. They allow people to go about their daily lives, while a third party verifies that they WILL be at court, regardless of circumstances.

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