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Atique Miah was born in Bangladesh and came to England at the age of two, with his mother and younger brother. He was married in 2003, and is from the Barton and Tredworth area of Gloucester.

Through some fortunate events he became Muslim Chaplain at the University of Gloucestershire from April 2016, and this opened the doors to other opportunities in the NHS and in the private sector.

He often gets invited to deliver presentations and talks to groups and educational establishments.

Atique is not a scholar of religion but has a deep passion for learning about his own and about others’ faiths. Atique plays badminton to keep his body active; and writes poetry to keep his mind active. Reading widely also helps keep his mind open to fresh ideas.

With various personal projects on the go, he is working towards producing a series of books aimed at children and young people- using poetry to get them more interested in the stories found in the Holy Qur’an. Atique’s biggest strength is his open and welcoming personality. Religion became a bigger part of his life after he was made redundant from his role at the Trading Standards Service. He credits his faith in giving him hope through the tough times in life

The vision of this project is to complete writing the stories of the prophets, in poetry using rhyming couplets. Once the prophets are complete, the great women in Islam. Then the four Khulafa E Rashideen. In this manner Atique, hopes to bring Islamic history to life through poetry and education.

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