Mobile Therapies


I am dedicated to providing you with a holistic treatment that is tailored to your needs and wishes. Being a mobile therapist allows me to give each of my clients a dedicated consultation and provide a treatment in the comfort of your home ensuring the immediate benefits of massage are not lost by you having to travel home. You may even wish to get straight into your pyjamas following your treatment!

Evening and weekend appointments available in Edinburgh, Lothians and Fife.

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Before your treatment begins we will have a consultation to discuss what you are hoping to gain from your massage such as release of tension in tight muscles, to aid sleep, or to help reduce anxiety and stress. I will set up my treatment bed in the area of your choice in your home. I will provide all bed linens and towels but your are welcome to provide your own towels if you wish for a 10% discount, but please remember oil may stain your towels. I will bring relaxing music or you are welcome to play your own choice of music on your own device. Please feel free to burn your own scented candles or have your own diffuser on. Each treatment will begin with a welcome cleanse of your hands and feet with a hot cloth infused with essential oil.

Detailed aftercare will be provided to ensure you gain maximum value and benefit from your treatment. Please visit the FAQ page which answers questions about having a massage in your home. If your query is not answered in the FAQs I will be delighted to provide further information. Further treatments can be needed to treat specific areas of tension, stubborn knots and can also be helpful to manage stress and anxiety. I will let you know if I genuinely feel further massage is needed however I value my clients and want to leave you feeling relaxed in your home, so there will be no pressure at the end to book further treatments or buy any products. I always carry my diary so please just let me know if you would like further treatments or products or get in contact at a later date.

I only use organic products, predominantly by Neal’s Yard.

If you would like any products you can order directly from me or via my Neal's Yard site.

I place an order on the 1st of each month.

If you order directly through me you will not need to pay postage.