Useful Information


Improved bonding

Helps with colic

Better bedtime routine

A chance to meet other parents


Please bring your baby, a small towel and your change bag. Breast and bottle feeding is welcome at all times during the class. It is best not to feed babies directly before the class.

Please wear something comfortable as you will be sitting at floor level. You are welcome to bring a cushion to sit on. Shoes should be removed before the session starts. You may find it easier to dress your baby in a simple vest and baby gro for undressing them for their massage. Please feel free to move around the room with your baby if you need to.

If your baby is sleeping, a doll can be provided for you to practice on.

Payment for a block of 5 classes must be paid in full 14 days prior to the first class.

Refunds can only be given for cancellations if your place can filled or in exceptional circumstances. If a class is full, you may join the waiting list.