Elder Law

It is Never too Early to Start the Conversation

April 13, 2018

By Atty. Anne R. Tessier

It is important to remember that as our parents age, we may want to begin talking with them about their plans and expectations.

As my father entered his eighties, he told me that when his parents were his age he wished they had done more to take advantage of the tools available to help them and help manage their estate as they aged. But now he said, “I get it.” He knew what could be done, but he also knew what was most important to him. He was just not ready to give up his independence or control.

However, it is never too early to start the conversation. What are the goals of your parents as they age? Do they want to begin planning now so that they can be the ones to decide what happens should they no longer be able to make decisions for themselves? Should they no longer be able to live on their own, where would they like to live? Is it important to them that they leave a legacy for their children and grandchildren? How can we help? What is most important to them?

There may come a time when our parents are no longer able or wish to make decisions on their own. By starting the conversation early, we will have a better understanding of what they would want to do when they need us most.

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