For Special Occasions / Outings:

    • Event planning and onsite support (social and family events, children's parties)
    • Party Accommodation
    • Travel planning and booking for family or business
    • Obtain tickets for live events (theater, sporting, concerts)
    • Restaurant reservations

Bereavement Services:

    • Final arrangements
    • Catering
    • Notifications

Errands and Appointment Planning:

    • Personal errands (post office, dry cleaning, pharmacy, etc)
    • Grocery shopping and put away
    • Gift shopping, wrapping, delivery
    • Vehicle servicing, detailing
    • Appointment scheduling for healthcare, salon, dentist, etc.

Home Management:

    • Home organization
    • Collect bids from and coordinate service from contractors, landscapers, etc.
    • In-home waiting for service vendors, contractors or delivery
    • Open and stock vacation home
    • Home checks during vacation, business travel. Ensure home is secure, bring in mail, water plants
    • Coordinate and oversee home move, arrange utilities, etc.

For Business:

    • General administrative support
    • Business management for small business (client interfacing, contract negotiations, scheduling)
    • Presentation design / production
    • Organization of office or workspace
    • Meeting scheduling, catering
    • Online research
    • Courier service
    • Car service


    • Nanny or sitters service
    • Home cleaning service
    • Pet care services (walking, grooming, training)
    • Home service contractors (plumber, electrician, handyman)

The services available to you through As You Wish are limited only by your imagination. If you do not see what you wish listed among our services, simply let us know. As long as it is legal, moral and within our grasp, we will do our very best to fulfill your every wish.