TrekFiAZ WiFi module, for direct control of AZ mounts SkyWatcher, ORION.

TrekFiAZ is a wireless adapter for direct control of azimuth mounts SkyWatcher and ORION.

It can be used to quickly point the telescope from mobile devices.

Connect TrekFiAZ instead of the handheld SynTrekAZ or SynScanAZ controller and get a wireless GoTo !!!

The WiFi module settings are made from the WEB interface.

The WiFi module works as an access point and can be used to connect all your astro devices to a single network!

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1. Connect the Wi-Fi adapter TrekFiAZ instead of the handheld controller on the mount.

2. Turn on the power of the mount.

3. Then on your PC or mobile device, connect to the access point using SSID - TrekFiAZ.

If the device asks for a password during the connection - enter the line "12345678" and click "OK".

During the connection to the web interface, the device prompts for a password - enter "12345678" and click Enter.

This adapter allows you to control the telescope via WiFi laptop or PC, also works in the SkySafari application for Android.

You can use any software, planetariums, compatible with ASCOM, for example, Stellarium, Cartes Du Ciel, Maxim DL and others.

Supports impulse guiding. The game joystick can be connected to a laptop or PC for manual control.

To use the adapter on a PC, you need to install the:


To control the mount from the PC, you need to install a TCP-COM bridge.

This can be done, for example, using free utilities com0com and com2tcp,

or other programs.

There is no need to use a manual SynTrek or SynScan controller.

To work with mobile devices, you need to install the


applications for Android.

App Virtuoso provides a bridge between the mount and the SkySafari application.

To configure the Virtuoso application:

1. Click the Mount button and the Waiting for connection line.

2. In the menu that appears, select "Wifi Devices" and click "Yes".

3. Click on "Accept Changes". In the "Mount" line, a mount type should appear (for example, Dob Goto or other type of azimuth mount)

with which the connection is established. If the line shows the wrong mount with which the connection is established,

you can select it manually from the drop-down menu by clicking on this line.

Also clicking on this line you can specify the specific mount with which the connection is established.

For example, Virtuoso if you have Sky-Watcher Virtuoso or ORION StarBlast AutoTracker.

Now you can control the mount from the Virtuoso application. Next, you need to make a binding of 2 stars.

To do this:

1. Click the "Tracking" button and the line "Aligned".

2.Choose the first star and press and press "Accept".

3. Press the "Aligned" line again.

4. Select the second star and press and press "Accept".

After aligning the telescope, you can use the SkySafari planetarium.

Telescope control using the example of the SKY SAFARI program:

1. After downloading the program, go to the settings "with the" Settings "button.

2. Go to the "Telescope" section and click "Setup".

3.Select the type of the used equipment «Scope Type - SynScan» and select «Mount Type - Equatorial Goto (German)»,

also select the type of wireless connection in the section «Communication Settings» - «Connect via Wi-Fi».

4.In the IP address field, enter the address

5. In the "Port" field enter - 4030. 6. Return to the main menu and click the "Connect" button.

If done correctly, you will hear a nice sound and the screen will show a crosshair with concentric circles showing where the telescope

is looking and on each side there will be buttons for manual telescope control along the mount axes.

Now you can direct the telescope to any space object using a large database of Sky Safari sky objects.

To do this, you can use the search button "Search" and select an item from the list, then click "GoTo".

It is also possible to direct the telescope to the object on the screen, which you must first select by pressing, and then press the "GoTo" button.

More information on how to use all the features of the program can be found on the official website of Sky Safari.

Please write your questions by e-mail: