AutoFi LX200 WiFi module, for wireless control telescopes MEADE LX200

AutoFi LX200 this wireless adapter for telescope control Meade LX200.

It can be used for rapid targeting telescope with mobile devices.

IMPORTANT: No external power supply or batteries are required to power the WiFi module!

The WiFi module settings are made from the WEB interface.

The WiFi module works as an access point and can be used to connect all your astro devices to a single network!

Also, the WiFi adapter can operate in local station mode.

Price - $49.00

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This WiFi adapter provides full wireless control of the telescope mount from a laptop or PC, also works with the SkySafari, Orion StarSeek 4 4.4.4 application for mobile devices.

To use the adapter on a PC, you must create a TCP-COM port bridge.

HW Virtual Serial Port software creates a TCP-COM bridge allow Windows based astronomical aplications comunicate throught WIFi moduls.


1. Connect your Wi-Fi adapter AutoFi LX200 in RS-232 serial port connector before turning the power of the telescope.

2. Turn the telescope. Spend a standard setting procedure recommended by the manufacturer of the telescope, namely enter into the remote location coordinates of observation, the current time and make alignment the telescope at the stars. Then turn on your mobile device Wi-Fi mode and connect to the access point with SSID - AutoFi LX200. If the device asks for a password during the connection - enter the line "12345678" and click "OK".

Control telescope on the sample program SKY SAFARI:

1. After downloading the program, go to Settings, «Settings» button.

2. Scroll down to «Telescope» section and click on the «Setup» button.

3. Select the type of equipment used «Scope Type – Meade LX200» and type mount «Mount Type - Alt-Az. GoTo », also select the wireless connection type in Section Communication Settings -« Connect via Wi-Fi ».

4. In IP address, type the address (192.168.2.x) indicated on your AutoFi LX200 adapter.

5. In the Port field, enter - 1234.

6. Return to the main menu and press the Connect button.

If done correctly, you will hear a pleasant sound, and the screen will display a crosshair with concentric circles showing where looking telescope, and on each side there will be buttons move the telescope along the axes of the mount.

You can now direct the telescope at the object using a large database of celestial objects Sky Safari, why use search - «Search» button and select an item from the list, then click «GoTo». It is also possible to direct the telescope at an object on the screen, which you need to click first on it and then on the button «GoTo». For more details how to use all the features of the program, see its official website Sky Safari.

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