Cooler NT-8

Cooler NT-8 - Newton 8" telescope cooling system

Cover for telescope mirror cooling

The problem of thermal stabilization of telescope optics is familiar to many amateurs of astronomy. The lens of the telescope, only taken out for observation from a warm room or the car's interior, cools down for a long time to the temperature of the surrounding air. Above the surface of mirrors there is a boundary layer of warm air, and ascending streams rise along the pipe. All this spoils the picture, especially at high magnification. With a temperature drop of 10-15 °, the main mirror of a large telescope can cool down to several hours, making it impossible for qualitative observations. The problem is solved by installing active cooling for optics.


Primary mirror cell cover Cooler NT is equipped with a powerful blowing cooler. Powered on cooler generates a low pressure area around the primary mirror, due to which the air inside the tube starts to blow over the front surface of the primary mirror.

Such forced-air cooling solves three problems at once: it allows you to eliminate convective flows ascending along the tube walls, blow off the layer of warm air adjoining the mirror and accelerate the process of mirror cooling.

Cooler NT line is fully compatible with Newtonian telescopes 6", 8" and 10" of Synta production (trademarks: Sky-Watcher, Celestron, Orion, Meade, Konus, Levenhuk, Arsenal and their analogues).

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· The cooling cover shall be installed by using clamps, which shall be turned around to fix the panel in the primary mirror cell of your telescope.

· Before inserting the cover panel into the cell, turn the three clamps so that their sharp parts point to the center of the cover.

· Then, mount the cover into the cell. Make sure that adjustment screws fit the provided panel openings.

· Turn the three screws by use of packaged allen key, allowing the clamps to press the panel to the mirror cell walls.

· The thickness of the cell walls may vary depending on the production year and model of your telescope. The clamps are adjusted for the average thickness of ~6.8 mm. If this gap is bigger or smaller than you need, it can be manually adjusted.

· To do this requires that you loosen the locking nut and set the distance from the clamp to the panel according to the frame of your telescope.

· After finishing the installation, connect the AC adapter or power cable from the cigarette lighter with a suitable connector in the power socket. Press the button to switch the cooler on.


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• Cooling cover Cooler NT-8

• Allen key

• Power cable from cigarette lighter (1,2m)

• User’s manual

• Packaging


Power supply: 12V, 1A DC (2,1х5,5mm jack)

Package size: 25х25х4сm

Weight: 0,4kg / 0,5kg

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