Cooler Cat

Cooler Cat - a system for cooling telescopes-catadioptric with aperture from 8 to 16 "

Telescope optics cooling system for SCT

The Cooler Cat nozzle serves as a solution to one of the main problems of the owners of mirror-lens telescopes - the problems of thermal stabilization of optics. A closed pipe of such telescopes contributes little to rapid heat exchange and owners of large telescopes often have to wait for hours before optics cool. This time remains lost for serious observations, because the telescope, even with first-class optics, gives horrible images due to convective flows inside the tube.


Cooler Cat system is used to speed up the thermal stabilization process of catadioptric telescopes. The device is equipped with a cooler that collects and focuses the airflow. The air enters the interior part of the telescope through the long tube and blows on optical surfaces. This allows speeding up the heat exchange and reducing the cooling time of optics by several times.

The device is equipped with a filter that prevents dust from the intrusion toward the interior of a telescope while the fan is in operation. The warm air is released from the tube under pressure through the special holes in the setting adapter Cooler Cat.

The mobile setting adapter of Cooler Cat is of distinctive design allowing the usage of the device with all telescopes models with the aperture from 8'' to 14''. The application of active cooling significantly increases the efficiency of observations and the quality of telescope image.

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· The setting adapter allows using the device in telescopes with 1.25'' and 2'' jack.

· Before commencing installation, loosen the clamping screw in the movable adapter and adjust its position on the tube so that the fan holes on its end would be at a distance from the secondary mirror of the telescope (as shown in the picture).

· Be careful when installing the device for the first time, as the improperly adjusted adapter may result in a situation where the end of the tube thrusts against the secondary mirror of the telescope.

· Tighten the fixing screw after adjusting the adapter. Then, the device is ready for use. To start the fan, insert the plug into the appropriate socket. If you need to use Cooler Cat telescope with another telescope model, it is necessary to adjust the setting adapter again.


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• Cooler Cat

• Allen key

• Power cable from cigarette lighter (1,2m)

• User’s manual

• Packaging


Power supply: 12V, 1A (2,1x5,5mm jack)

Setting adapter: 1.25/2"

Tube diameter: 25mm

Minimum inside diameter of primary mirror hood: 27mm

Package size: 67х16x10 сm

Weight: 0.5kg / 0.8kg

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