EQPower - GOTO controller for big equatorial mount, load capacity up to 60kg

EQPower - equatorial mount control system designed to automate the control of the equatorial mount load capacity up to 60kg, and can be used in stand-alone mode and in a control mode using a computer or mobile device (phone, tablet, etc.)

On a PC, then the EQPower works with any astronomical programs that support the ASCOM (OS Windows) and INDI( OS Linux) platform. For example, with planetarium Stellarium, Cartes de Ciel, StarCalc, KStars and others. Among the programs for astrophotography and guiding, EQPower supports MaximDL, Guidemaster, PHDGuiding and others.

Controlling the telescope with mobile devices allows you to automatically find sky objects. The following programs for mobile device works with EQPower include SynScan APP, SkySafari, Orion StarSeek, DSOPlaner and others.

EQPower communication with the PC is via a cable from the standard kit and with the mobile device over WiFi.

A variety of platforms, drivers, and applications that can work with EQPower, gives the opportunity to create a particularly comfortable for the user mount the control conditions, depending on the tasks.

For example, an astro photographer generally uses a laptop or PC to search, targeting and guiding the object during a long exposure. Such opportunities are mostly programs running under Windows или Linux. But for an amateur visual astronomy much more convenient to control the mount with a compact mobile device, smartphone or tablet, rather than using a PC or laptop.

The EQPower is supplied with a universal buttons joystick for manual control. It allows you to manage mount autonomously without a computer, smartphone or tablet.


The mount type is equatorial.

The application for work - ASCOM EQmod, SynScan APP, SkySafari.

Interfaces for communication - USB, WiFi.

Power supply: 12 - 24V, 5A.

Type of Step motor: Bipolar.

Current of the winding of the Step motor: Adjustable, MAX 4 A.

Smooth acceleration and braking of the Step motor.

RA and DEC reduction ratio - Adjustable (from 1:100 to 1:3000)

Price - $169.00

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Packages contains:

  • EQPower equatorial mount control unit
  • Answer part of the power connector
  • Two DB9 male connectors
  • CD with User manual and software

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