GoTo Upgrade kit for mounts Synta EQ2, Celestron CG3, MEADE Polaris, ORION ASTROVIEW

The kit consists of a control unit and a set of drives consisting of a direct drive for the RA axis

and a complete set for replacing the standard drive of the DEC axis with a worm drive.

The SimpleDreamEQ2 mount control system, is designed to automate equatorial mountings of Synta EQ2 or Celestron CG3. ORION ASTROVIEW

and their analogs, and can be used both in stand-alone mode and in control mode from a PC or mobile device.

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The set of worm drive drives the declination axis, designed to replace the standard drive with a worm.

SimpleDreamEQ2, thanks to the Micro GoTo function, has the ability to automatically,

quickly and accurately find objects of space within a given sector of the celestial sphere and accompany them at different speeds.

With the Guide function, you can create astro photographs with large exposures.

Thanks to the built-in WiFi access point, it allows wireless control of the mount from the programs of planetariums running Windows, Android or iOS.

Speeds modes of SimpleDreamEQ2:

Tracking speeds - sidereal, moon and solar.

Slewing speeds - x10, x30 and x60 sidereal speed.

Guiding correction speeds - x0.5, x.75 and 1.0 sidereal speeds.

The speed of slewing in Micro GoTo mode is x60 sidereal speed.

For the Windows OS, in Micro GoTo mode, the SimpleDreamEQ2 can work with any astronomical programs that support the ASCOM platform. For example,

with the planetariums Stellarium, Cartes de Ciel, StarCalc, etc. At the same time, the ASCOM platform and the Meade Generic LX200 telescope driver should be installed on the PC.

When working in the Guiding mode, the SimpleDreamEQ2 can work with programs for astrophotography. For example, with such as MaximDL, Guidemaster, PHDGuiding, etc.

At the same time, the ASCOM platform and GuideDream driver should be installed on the PC,

and the ST-4 port on the SimpleDreamEQ2 must be connected to the GuideDream (optional) with a special cable, and the unit itself is guiding with a PC USB cable.

For the Android and iOS OS, in Micro GoTo mode, the SimpleDreamEQ2 works with SkySafary, OrionStarSeek, and others programs,

while the telescope Meade Classic LX200 is selected as the telescope in the programs.

The variety of platforms, drivers and applications with which the SimpleDreamEQ2 can work,

makes it possible to create for the user particularly comfortable conditions for controlling the mounting depending on the tasks assigned.

For example, an astro photographer generally uses a laptop or PC to search, targeting and guiding the object during exposure.

Such features are mostly programs running on Windows. But for a lover of visual astronomy, for searching and pointing at objects,

it is much more convenient to control the mount using a compact smartphone or tablet, rather than using a computer or laptop.


  • Mount type: equatorial
  • Type of stepper motor: bipolar
  • Power supply requirements: 12V, 1A, 5.5mm 2.1mm plug
  • The center pin of the power connector is positive
  • Interface type - WiFi

Packages contains:

  • SimpleDreamEQ2 equatorial mount control unit
  • CD with software and user manual
  • Stepper motor unit for RA axis - 1 pcs
  • Stepper motor unit for DEC axis - 1 pcs
  • Clamp for mounting the motor unit to the DEC axis - 1pcs
  • Adjusting screw - 1 pcs
  • Hexagon wrench - 3 pcs

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SimpleDreamEQ2 User manual_EN.pdf