DobsonDream4 SkyWatcher Dobson kit

DobsonDream4 - SkyWatcher Dobsonian Push-TO DSC upgrade kit

DobsonDream - Push-TO DSC upgrade kit for SkyWatcher Dobson telescopes.

It contains everything necessary for the automation of SkyWatcher Dobson telescopes. It only takes 10 minutes to install it. Simply tighten 8 pcs of screws and install the encoders. Now the telescope is ready for a fast search of space objects!

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It helps observers to accurately and quickly find objects in the night sky.

In this case, the telescope tube is pointed to the object manually, until the crosshair in the planetarium program coincides with the desired object.

The controller receives data about the position of the telescope tube from sensors (encoders) located on the telescope mount axes.

The resolution of the encoders of each of the axes is 4000 pulses per revolution, which is quite enough to accurately point the telescope to the object.

Before using the system, you must enter the resolution of the encoders (4000 ppr) in the corresponding fields of the planetarium program.

DobsonDream can work with any planetarium program supporting work with basic encoders and DSC.

For example, for a PC with Windows, you can use the Cartes De Ciel planetarium, and for mobile devices with the Android or iOS SkySafari planetarium.

DobsonDream is made in two versions. Their difference in different communication interfaces, WiFi or Bluetooth.

In the standard kit, the DobsonDream controller contains a WiFi interface. If you need a bluetooth interface, write to us about it.

Next, in the instruction for the DobsonDream controller there are examples of settings for different planetarium programs.

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