Universal motor focusing unit

Universal motor focusing unit - Upgrade kit for different types of focusers.

Universal motor focusing unit - designed for installation on different types of telescope focusers. The drive uses a stepper motor with high torque and the ability to work in microstepping mode.

Thanks to the use of the microstep mode of operation of a stepper motor (up to 1/64 steps), high focusing accuracy and smoothness of the focusing device are ensured. Also the advantage of this stepper motor is the absence of backlash. All these characteristics ensure high accuracy of positioning and focusing.

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The Universal motor focusing unit can work with any focusing controller supporting work with bipolar stepping motors and microstepping mode.

The Universal motor focusing unit can be mounted on the following telescopes and focusers:



SharpStar telescopes,


SkyRover telescopes,

TS Optics,

Astro Tech,

Feather Touch,

Orion Optics,




Bipolar Stepper Motor with RJ45 Connector

Universal L-shaped bracket for the engine

Motor coupling (from 2 to 10 mm) with 4 set screws

(the size of the holes of the coupling is specified when ordering)

Cable for connecting the motor to the focus controller.

Technical characteristics and functionality.

1. Type of applied motors - bipolar stepper motor.

2. Max. Motor current - 0.8A

3. Supply voltage - 12V

4. Micro stepping mode for smooth rotation of the stepper motor.

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