Parabino Travel

Parabino Travel - bracket for installation of binoculars on a photostand


Parabino Travel Mount is a sliding bar, installed on a standard tripod head.

You can fix binoculars up to 2 kg on an L-adapter on one side of the mount. The telescopic bar has a bonding for a standard plastic bottle with water on its end that could be attached to the other side of the mount as a counterweight.

Thus, you will get a fully balanced and stable structure which provides comfortable observation of the starry sky with a standard tripod. The equipment set is very compact and Parabino Travel can be easily placed into a tripod case.

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Assembling and Operation

The mount is equipped with a mounting platform with 1/4'' thread, which allows you to fix it on a photographic tripod. If your tripod head is equipped with a quick release bar, you should fasten it to the mount and set it in the slot.

After that, you should loosen the screw that holds the counterweight bar and pull it out to its full length. After fixing the tripod head in order to avoid accidental rotation, fix the binoculars on an L-adapter and insert the bottle filled with water into the arm of the overweight bar. Tighten the bottle cap.

Then, loosen the tripod head clamp and balance the mount. Balance the binoculars by moving the counterweight bar, then tighten the locking screw.

Parabino Travel Mount does not provide for adjusting the height of the binoculars. Therefore, a tripod with adjustable height column would be the most convenient to use. It allows raising the bar during the observations in the circumzenithal area and lowering it when viewing objects on the horizon.


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• Parabino Travel Mount

• User’s manual

• Packaging


The length of the mount arm: 50 cm

Set screw: 1/4''

Tripod thread: 1/4''

Maximum load: 2kg

Package size: 56х5х5cm

Weight (net/gross): 0,8/1kg

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