Parabino Light

Parabino Light - mounting for astronomical binoculars


Parabino Light is one of the lightest and the most compact mounts in its class. Being installed on a sturdy tripod, the mount provides good stiffness and is capable of carrying binoculars up to 2 kg without any perceptible vibrations. These characteristics fit perfectly with all 50-60 mm binoculars as well as with other models of 70-80mm, which are popular among amateur astronomers.

The mount base is equipped with 3/8'' thread. There is also an adapter for 1/4" in the set, which allows installing the mount on almost any tripod model. The central rack of the mount is assembled on the thrust bearing, which provides excellent smoothness of rotation in azimuth.

The crossbars of half a meter in length rotate in four axes and allow to change the height of binoculars within ~70 cm. The adjustment shall be carried out with the help of the swivel arm, on which the binoculars can be installed by using an L-adapter or the central rack.

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Assembling and Operation

· The mount should be screwed directly to the tripod. If you use a photographic tripod, remove the standard head. If your tripod contains the fixing screw of 1/4" in its base, you can install Parabino Light without further delay.

· However, if the tripod is equipped with a massive 3/8'' screw, carefully unscrew the standard adapter from the base of the mount. It is easy to do by using a large flat head screwdriver.

· Fix the mount on the tripod. Lower the working side of the parallelogram down and fix the binoculars on the mounting platform of the swivel arm.

· The next step is to balance the binoculars. Loosen the screw that holds the counterweight bar. The balance of the whole structure should be achieved by moving the bar. Then, tighten the screw one more time.

· For azimuth adjustment of the binoculars, rotate the mount around the central axis. To adjust the altitude, you need to loosen the locking screw of the swivel arm and turn the binoculars at the desired angle. Then, slightly tighten the screw in order to avoid unintentional mooning of the binoculars.

· Loose tightening is sufficient for convenient observations, as a small slip of the swivel arm should be allowed. This allows adjusting the binoculars position and following the movements of observation objects across the sky without any additional manipulations.


The manufacturer provides a warranty on all products for 24 months from the date of purchase. In case of any node failure in the process of intended use, the manufacturer provides a free repair or replaces the product. Warranty service shall be performed according to the effective legislation.

In cases where a product failed due to the unintended use or excessive loads, the buyer shall be responsible for repair costs.

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• Parabino Travel Mount

• Counterweight

• User’s manual

• Packaging


• The length of mount arm: 50cm

• Set screw: 1/4''

• Tripod thread: 1/4'' or 3/8’'

• Vertical movement range: 65сm

• Maximum load: 2 kg

• Package size: 67х16х10 cm

• Weight (net/gross): 3.5 kg / 3.8kg

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