Parabino HD

Parabino HD - powerful mount for astronomical binoculars


Asterion Parabino HD parallelogram mount is designed for the installation of heavy binoculars and small telescopes weighing up to 4.3 kg. Also an additional counterweight is available, which you can purchase if you need to expand the maximum capacity of the mount up to 6.9 kg.

The parallelogram design provides smooth vertical movement of the binoculars, unaltering the visual direction. Parabino HD mount is equipped with a knuckle for binoculars support, which allows the observer to track observation objects smoothly and accurately without changing his/her position.

Each of the six axes of the mount arm is equipped with special bushings for the purpose of the smoothest friction and the retention of selected positions. The rotation axes of the binoculars mount are assembled with thrust bearings and teflon washers, which provide very soft and smooth rotation as well as eliminate any backlash, so that you can really enjoy your journey through the starry sky.

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Assembling and Installing

· The bumper ring of the mount is compatible with Sky-Watcher, Celestron and Meade tripods for EQ2, EQ3, EQ5, HEQ-5, AZ4, CG-4, CG-5 mounts and their analogues. It contains a fixation hole with M10 thread. The ring diameter is 58 mm. Thus, most of geodesic tripods also can be used for the mount installation by replacing their fixing screws from 5/8'' to M10.

· Attach the mount to the tripod, tighten the binoculars support to the knuckle ring and twist the handle in the support base.

· After that, you need to set the counterweight. It is better to do this by putting the mount arm down to the lower position from the counterweight side and twist the counterweight to the mount central rack as close as possible.

· Most of astronomical binoculars of diameter more than 80 mm have a central bar with a rack, equipped with a 1/4" thread. Binoculars are set on the mount by using this bar. For installing the smaller models, the special L-adapter is needed, which is not included in the set.

· Tighten the fixing screw securely. For fixation of large binoculars or small telescope the screw can be tightened with a large screwdriver.

· In order to balance the structure, move the counterweight to the slot on the top bar of the parallelogram. Unscrew the counterweight by a few turns, and reliably tighten it in the desired position upon completion of the balancing.

· Balancing of binoculars on a horizontal rotation axis shall be carried out by loosening the mounting screw and moving it into the corresponding slot. When moving the entire support, one should make sure that the centre of the binocular frame is on the rotation axis of the support.

· Tighten the adjustment screw of the swivel arm in order to attain a smooth rotation of the binoculars heightwise. After proper balancing, the binoculars will reliably hold the desired position and rotate even from a gentle touch.


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• Parabino HD parallelogram mount

• Binocular support

• Handle

• Counterweight 4.8 kg

• User’s manual

• Packaging


Set screw: 1/4''

Tripod thread: М10

Maximum load: 4.3 kg (optional 6.9 kg)

Package size: 114х21х10 + 18х18х9см

Weight (net/gross): 10.7 kg / 12 kg

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