AZDirRJ12 - AZDir USB Adapter

AZDirRJ12 - AZDir USB control cable for all AZ GoTo mounts SkyWatcher and ORION.

AZDirRJ12 - AZDir USB Adapter allows you to control the telescope through the USB port of the laptop / desktop PC.

The adapter is connected directly to the mount, instead of the hand controller.

Also, instead of this cable, you can use wireless adapters TrekFiAZ or TrekBtAZ.

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Can be used with any astronomical programs compatible with ASCOM, such as MaximDL, Stellarium, Cartes Du Ciel and others.

To use the cable on a PC, you need to install the ASCOM platform and ASCOM driver for azimuth mounts:

You can also use the SynScan APP application in serial mode to control the telescope.

To control the telescope from the programs of planetariums supporting the ASCOM platform, use the ASCOM driver SynScanMobile telescope.

At the same time, the telescope must remain connected in the SynScan APP application.

To use the adapter, you need install AZDirRJ12 USB driver:


Compatibility: Windows x64 / x86 Driver XP / Vista / 7/8 / 10

Cable length: 3 meters.

Weight 70g