Creating Better Athletes and Better People

High school student athletes and parents need resources to display talent and a plan to move to the next level. Our focus is to provide a solid strategy and step by step instructions to help student-athletes become a valuable target.

Teaming Up For Your Success

It is important for us to build up every student athlete and provide inspiration that will motivate them to succeed.

We provide a strategy to place you in a position to conquer the goals set and achieve dreams.

We are truly excited to provide relevant tools to assist with getting to college, no matter your socio-economic status

Benefits Of Our Program

National Media Exposure & Awareness

Our plans includes assisting you athletically, academically, and giving you career guidance

Receive assistance from our expert college sports advisers, tutors, sports trainers and career counselors

Participating in our free classroom exercises and events will get you promoted to college coaches

Access to academic, athletic and career guidance resources and material

Workshops for success

"My dad had some college coaching connections because of his success at Florida State and in the arena football league. The AStrategy team helped lock down a scholarship for me with the information they provided and the way they advocated for me."

Derron Harrell (University of Wisconsin)

"Thankful for what AStrategy staff did to help me to prepare to live out my dream. Not very many schools were interested in me but after working with their team, I have a college home now."

Jalen Moore (Oregon State)

Often our advisers communicate with athletes and many have no idea where to start for college recruiting. Families do not understand all of the details of the process such as recruiting calendar, NCAA clearinghouse, and more. We are excited and waiting to help!

We believe there is some place at the next level for you to play and if that is your dream, lets work together to locate that school.

Create Your Brand For Recruiting

Many parents and athletes are concerned about the cost of recruiting so we have a solution for you. Student-Athletes have a chance to participate in our free online learning programs and earn reward points to go towards recruiting. Earn your points by participation in online exercises that will cover subject such as NCAA Eligibility, SAT/ACT practice and more. Stack up enough points and you will have a chance to get profiles, blogs, social media promotions, and emails sent to college coaches etc. Please fill out your contact form on our site for more detailed information.