Download AND Installation Instructions

Our game will currently only run on Windows. We are working on compiling the game for Linux, MacOS, and Android operating systems.

Download and Installation Instructions

  1. Download the file STGAME.ZIP
  2. Unzip the contents of the file to a simple location, such as your desktop, under a folder called "STGAME" (for example).
  3. There should be a subfolder called "DATA" and an executable file called "STGAME.EXE". If everything unzipped properly, double-click "STGAME.EXE" run it. You may get a warning that the file is not from a trusted source. Give Windows permission to run it.
  4. You can maximize or resize the game window.

Game Controls

  1. Use the [Arrow Keys] to control Eleven and [Spacebar] to "psychic blast" the demogorgons.
  2. Use [D] to drop an item (the Three Musketeers) and [S] to shoot the Wrist-Rocket (slingshot).
  3. Pick up items, rescue people, push blocks, and open doors by colliding with them.

Please Provide Feedback

If you've downloaded and played our game, we welcome feedback. It's as polished as we could manage without devolving into feature creep. We did the best we could with limited time and resources! Nonetheless, we welcome your thoughts on our game and how we might improve it.