"The world seems brighter when you've made something that wasn't there before."

-Neil Gaiman

Designing, Lasering & Building; It's what we do.

A place for kids who enjoy designing, lasering and building stuff to add to life's adventure!

Inside Our Studio

A Workshop with Tools, Fabrication Machines and a Wide Variety of Materials

Your Host

Jon Pennington, Ph.D.

Instructional Technology Specialist

On the News

Assets Lower and High School Students Unite to Build Set for 3D Projection Mapping @ Waikiki Lights Gala - Massive Fundraiser for Waikiki Community Foundation

5th and 6th grade students in Carol Uyeda's and Tim Humphry's math classes teamed up with 7th and 8th grade students in the Design and Entrepreneurship enrichment along with Jon Pennington's high school mentorship students (shown left) to build a set for 3D Projection Mapping. The set was showcased at the Waikiki Lights Gala, a massive fundraiser held by the Waikiki Community Center to aid underprivileged children.

Featured Activities

Students bring their ideas to life using modern technologies such as laser-cutting, 3D printing and electronics.

Laser Cutting

Students operate our three Glowforge laser cutters. First designing objects with a sketch and digital tools then, commanding the laser to cut, engrave or score materials according to their preferences. We cut materials such a wood, fabric, rubber, acrylic, plexiglass, leather, and cardboard.

3D Printing

Students operate our printers They use CAD Software to design personalized objects of their choice, choosing the color and type of plastic suited for the item. Students build prototypes based on their ideas, and share them with family.

Circuit Building

Students program Arduino microcontrollers using Makecode, a block-based editor, and create circuits with motors, steppers, and LEDs. They learn basic wiring and coding inputs and outputs. They combine their circuits with laser-cut or 3D printed items to create things like an infinity mirror cube seen below!

Featured Student Projects

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Lasercut Looms for Native American Museum

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Gear Wall Gravity Generator Science Fair Project

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Hawaiian Bathroom Signs For Lowe's Hardware Store

Upcycling: Creative Re-use

Upcycling, or “creative reuse”, is a pillar of our program. It is the process of transforming discarded materials into new products of better quality. We have partnered with organizations such as Arch Hawaii, and Reuse Hawaii for our students to better understand how to reuse materials through upcycling and the impact it has on our local community and environment.

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