3D Design Studio & Workshop

Imagining and Designing. Fabricating and Iterating. It's what we do.

Made for kids who enjoy building and assembling items that add to their adventure.

After School 3 :00- 4:30pm. Every Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri.

Inside Our Studio

A Workshop with Modern Tools and a wide Variety of Building Materials

Hosted by Jon Pennington

Technology Integration Specialist

Featured Activities

Laser Cutting

Learn to use the Glowforge, a cutting-edge laser cutter. Start by designing objects with a sketch or digital tools then command the laser to cut, engrave or score materials according to your preferences. Choose to create your materials like wood, rubber, plexiglass, leather or cardboard.

3D Printing

Learn to operate our Prusa 3D printers, voted best in class by Make Magazine for 2017 and 2018. Use CAD Software to design personalized objects of your choice and print them in different colores and types of plastic. Build prototypes based on your ideas, and share them with friends and family.

Circuit Building

Learn to program Arduino microcontrollers and build LED circuits that can react to motion, sound or light. You'll learn basic wiring and coding inputs and outputs. Combine your LED circuits with your laser-cut or 3D printed items

"The world always seems brighter when you've made something that wasn't there before."

-Neil Gaiman

Most Popular Projects

These are the some of the most popular projects students choose to make.

Edge Lit Acrylic Lamp

Glow Cube

Light up Sign

Desk Pencil Holder

Large Cardboard Letters

Pet Name Tag


Low Poly Mask

Fashion Projects

Wearing well designed, unique objects feels good. You can laser-cut fabric, leather, plastic and wood to make jewelry, patches, purses and other fashion accessories that you've imagined, or have seen somewhere. We have a wide variety of quality materials donated from local fashion designers, and also have jewelry making tools to help you build your ideas.


Hair Accessory



Low Poly Mask

Carnival Mask

Clothing Hanger

Engraved Leather Patches


Interior Design Projects

Making a room look nice can brighten someone's mood. Carve curved wooden shapes, add LED lights, fabric or foam board to create items to capture people's interest and make them enjoy the space.

Picture Frame

Glow Cube

Layered Wall Art




Layered Bowl


Desk Pencil Holder

Star Lamp


Stool or Side Table

Topographic Map

Light up Sign

Infinity Mirror

Door Stop

Sign and Label Projects

Signs can be fun way to express messages, favorite ideas, or even a promote a business. They can also be used as labels to help you know where things are. Typography.

Thick Letters

Holiday Sign

Pet Name Tag



Food Related Projects

Design objects to help with the preparation, serving, and eating food. Or make objects to help with the cleanup.

Fruit Basket



Cookie Cutters


Soap Tray


Silverware Drainer

Cutting Board

Entertainment Projects

Use wood to recreate game pieces usually made of plastic to add a nice fresh feel to a game. Create a puzzles from one of our templates or build miniature models and structures of your favorite things.


Dymaxium Globe

Mini Structures

Board Game Pieces

LED Laced Objects

Letter Blocks


Baby Mobile

Model Vehicles

Organization Projects

Being organized can so helpful in life. Here you have the chance to design your own organizational tools or to provide a nice, functional gift to a family member or friend.



Car Sunglass Clip


Paper Projects

Paper is delicate and can be shaped into beautiful creations.

Popup Art



Papercraft Models

Studio Photo Gallery