Removal of journals from list

Removal of Journals from DHET Accredited Journals list:

South African journals not fulfilling the criteria for approval will be removed from the approved list of South African journals. The Department of Higher Education and Training will periodically sample journals to assess if they continue to meet the criteria.

However, institutions and individuals may submit a proposal for the removal of a journal. Proposals must be accompanied by a detailed motivation for the removal of such journals, in particular stating which criteria the journal ceases to fulfill. Such proposals must be submitted to the Department not later than 15 June each year.

Removed journals may be re-submitted after a minimum of three consecutive issues have been published for the journals with a quarterly or higher publication frequency, two issues for semi-annual and one issue for annual journal publications, using the above procedure. For purposes of transparency, the reasons for removal of journals will be made public.

Proposals must be Addressed to the Director: University Policy and Development Support at the following address:

Department of Higher Education and Training

123 Francis Baard Street




Private Bag X 174