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Lura A. White School

Books and Beyond


Yippee! BOOKS AND BEYOND is back! The ASPTO will be taking over the Books and

Beyond program that was most recently run by former LAW librarian, Mrs. Dill. The

purpose of this program is to assist students in developing a long lasting love of reading.

How does Books and Beyond work?

We are encouraging all types of reading: books, audiobooks, eBooks (Kindle/iPad), and

magazines. Each student is encouraged to read enough books/pages to complete six

zones. We have reduced the zones from eight to six this year since the program is

starting later than usual. Each time a student reaches a zone they will receive a small

incentive prize. When students reach all six zones they will receive a medal at the yearend

ceremony in June. The last day to submit sheets is Friday, May 31, 2019.

Keeping Track:

Grade K-2: Students will need to read (or have read to them) 15 books per zone. Please

use the Books and Beyond sheet designated for your grade to keep track, one sheet

represents a zone. If a book is over 50 pages than each line on the sheet is worth 25

pages. Students may read any type of book they choose. Sheets need to be signed by a

grown-up and returned to the classroom teacher. (Grade K-2 tracking sheet)

Grade 3-5: Students in these grades will need to read (or have read to them) 300

pages per zone. Please use the Books and Beyond sheet designated for your grade to

keep track. On each line list the book title and total pages. When you have filled out

the sheet please have a grown-up sign it and return it to the classroom teacher.

Parents/guardians and community members are welcome to participate in this program

and receive a medal. All you have to do is submit your book titles and how many pages,

300 pages for each zone. (Grade 3-5 tracking sheet)

If you have any questions please contact Kelly Reed at or Meredith

Marcinkewicz at

Thank you for helping to develop your children’s love of reading!

Happy Reading!