Iowa Regional Collaborative

Are you interested in community college faculty career?

Mission of Iowa Community Colleges

Iowa community colleges are dedicated to providing quality, affordable, education and training to all students coming from a wide range of backgrounds.

About Us

The Aspire NSF INCLUDES project is a national effort aimed at creating more inclusive and diverse undergraduate STEM teaching, mentoring, and advising. Around these goals, Iowa’s Regional Collaborative (RC) is coordinating the placement of underrepresented STEM graduate students into mentored teaching practicum experiences in Iowa Community College classrooms.

Iowa Regional Collaborative Leadership Team

Craig Ogilvie (PI, Montana State University), Graduate Dean and Associate Vice President for Research at Montana State University, co-leads the Regional Change Initiative.

Lorenzo Baber (co-PI, Loyola University, Chicago), Associate Professor, School of Education, Loyola University, Chicago, is responsible for adapting the assessment tool on diverse faculty recruiting and retention to the 2-year college setting.

Mary Darrow (co-PI, Iowa State University), Assistant Director and Evaluation Coordinator, Graduate College, Iowa State University, coordinates the Regional Collaborative activities and has overall direction of the work at Iowa State University, including, management, budgetary, and reporting requirements.