According to Epicharmus of Kos, Asópo was one of the Pierides, who was transformed into a bird after challenging the muses

We admire the courage of oppugn the godly authority and elegant humanity of positive determinism

We take aesthetic perception as our mission and devote ourselves to the discovery of an innovative-interactive way of publishing in the epoch of postmodernism and posthumanism

11 December 2020 at 14:57

I was told you make books by hand. I am 92 years old and never wrote anything in my life. Once I thought life was something to be lived. I didn't understand until now what I had lived through. Maybe you will find my poem interesting

I am 17 years old. I am in love. She does not love me. I wrote this poem. Maybe you can make a book out of it that I can give to her

A friend told me that you create hand made books out of poems. I wrote these poems when I was in Afghanistan. I didn't think they were worth much. But I saw the last book you made and it was so lovely and so private I thought...perhaps this would be the perfect book for my poems

I am in the so called risk group and my journal is the last true possession that I have. Perhaps you can make a little book out of it...Enclosed are some pictures of people I love...maybe they could be in the book

I was at a gallery some months ago and I saw one of your handmade books. I would really love to meet you. Nothing romantic. I just would like to know more about you. Perhaps we could meet for a coffee

I was at my girlfriends house and she showed me one of your little books. She got mad at me because I just kept asking her about who you were and finally she told me to leave

Your handmade books will last a thousand years because you put your heart into them and once the heart has entered something nothing can destroy it

I heard about soldiers taking the poems of Lorca into battle during the Spanish Civil War...I would take your book of poems into battle

I went to a little gallery and saw one of your books under glass. I asked who the artist was. And she said...oh that was a young woman from China who lived in Berlin over 30 years ago. I asked where she was now...She said she didn't know...out there somewhere

I had a dream I was reading a little handmade book and then as I continued turning the pages I noticed they were empty and that I had to fill them with my words and sometimes I felt as though the empty page was waiting and I could almost feel breathing or just a breeze passing

A poem is nothing to be proud of and nothing to be ashamed of and nothing more or less than what it is

I don't remember exactly how I met her. She was suddenly just there. I remember a yellow jacket or coat... a sunflower...

I was told you made books by hand out of the skin of lost continents

Out of the flesh of recovering patients

Out of the years of suffering

I was told that you could make books to specification

That in your books you could provide access to gardens

To scaffolds

To playgrounds

To prison cells

To childhood

By A poet that does not write poems….

What is coming up

A Little Demon and his Rainy Day

a concert, and graphic book

If you have written something with heart, I might give them a body of book by hand. Submission:

As long as I feel inspired by your writing, I will make a book for you.

It is my way to relieve the isolation in the Lockdown, or in lives, in case there would be such a way. And it is for free.

Improvised Theatre&Photoshooting in Studio

Sunday, Nov 29, 13:30 at Symosium

Theme: The Life of Asópo (The Transformation of A Bird)

Take your costumes and improvise the lines, accompanied by light and music, professional dancer and photographer attended.

mit Tuvia Tenebom and Jürgen Kuttner

Do 29.10, um19:30

Reading Group - Lessing

19.00 Uhr, November

Reading and discussing on Lessings critical texts on theater and aesthetic


Asópo Garden/ November/Brandenburg an der Havel

Camping Fire/Barbecue Party/Story Sharing



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