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"Legal, Reliable, RasPlex TV."

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  • Open Sourced Development.
  • 1 standard package included at no extra cost with your monthly RasPlex® plan.*
  • Starting at only 2 USD a month for non-members.**

Legal, Reliable, RasPlex TV.

US, Canadian, and international channel packages. Included at no extra cost to RasPlex subscribers; or only 2 USD a month for non-RasPlex members.

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(RasPlex TV may also be mentioned to as R-TV™)

Cable-Cutting R-Right.

Watch live television legally, at a small fraction of traditional Cable or Satellite TV costs.

R-TV™ lets you keep the channel stability of Cable and Satellite TV services, as it is completely legal and complaint with local, NY State, and USA/Canada federal laws, and does not overcrowd its IPTV servers.

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Please take into consideration | Legal

RasPlex® reserves the right to alter the service of R-TV, in part or in whole, or end the service of R-TV, at any necessary moment; following customer-notification prior to changes. (Refunds may be issued if necessary, based on the case and/or scenario.)

RasPlex® does not own any channels broadcasted through our service.

RasPlex is licenced content by its respective owner(s) and is authorized to distribute channels to qualified customers as a media provider.

The Terms of Service & Privacy Policy of R-TV™ will be released no later than the public release of RasPlex TV and will be available at the Legal page of our website.

Disclaimers.* First Base Package: No extra cost for RasPlex members. 2 USD monthly for non-RasPlex members.** Pricing represents 1 TV (base) package per Customer.Additional (base) packages are an extra 2 USD monthly charge, with optional, additional add-on pricing. [For both, members and non-members of RasPlex]*** Optional premium channel package add-ons are an additional 5 USD per month, for both, members and non-members of RasPlex.Premium package add-ons include but are not limited to the following channels:History2 Channel (H2), Knowledge Network, National Geographic, Iqraa, The Weather Channel...**** Multi-household account sharing prohibited.