Legislative Advocacy Committee

LeeAnna Mills, Legislative Advocacy Chair

lmills@tcss.net , librarylee1@gmail.com

Commitment Time Frame: August - April/May (time frame varies each year)

Committee Description: This committee works to formulate plans and strategies to effectively advocate for Alabama School Libraries in order to achieve adequate funding and to increase awareness of school libraries and their potential and impact on literacy for all students.

Committee Expectations:

  • Assist in creating advocacy plan for use with our membership and partners
  • Assist in creating a unified message with talking points
  • Assist in sharing and encouraging others to participate in continued advocacy activities throughout the school year
  • Participate in creating relationships with Legislators and maintaining communications as needed to advocate for funding and share success

Alabama Legislators List & Social Media Contacts

2019 Alabama Education Budget and Finance Committees

Advocate for adequate funding for school libraries in Alabama today by contacting your legislator.

Legislators on the House Ways and Means Education and Senate Committee on Finance and Taxation Education committees are your first point of contact when it comes to legislative advocacy involving the increase of school library enhancement funding.

Ways to connect with your legislator:

  • Communicate via phone call, letter, email, social media
  • Invite them to the library for events, presentations, and to get to know them
  • Have students send letters to legislators

Talking Points

2019 Legislative Advocacy 2.pdf
2019 Legislative Advocacy.pdf