The Askoran Hunter's Covenant

Welcome to the Covenant - the secret that secrets keep. Yes, you've stumbled upon the most exclusive secret societies in all Cascoria.

Our little group exists for the sole purpose of protecting the populace from the things that they do not know of; the darkest nightmares that steal children and kill adults. We live and work in the shadows to protect the innocent from the rest of the things that live in the shadows... but we cannot do it alone.

You are here because we saw something special in you. Maybe you saved a little girl from a monster. Maybe you helped a passerby slay a vampire or maybe it was something else that we saw. Either way, you are invited to join us here if you can solve a simple puzzle. We only want the most dedicated and brightest to join our ranks.

Fortune, Fame, Glory, Romance; none of these will you come by if you join us. No one will thank you. No one will pay you. Your compensation will be the knowledge that you gain through experience and the knowledge that the people of Tharengarde sleep soundly. Through your time protecting people, you may save someone of great importance and you may never know the impact of your actions.

No, initiate, you will never know what good you bring to the people, but I can assure you without us, this country and possibly the world would fall.

Take heart, for you will meet interesting people in your travels; You will see and do interesting things; You will fight and slay interesting monsters and gain knowledge not found in any books or scrolls in the capital.

There is a shadow looming over Askora and it will be up to us to find it and stop it. The dead are walking and eerie howls can be heard at night. Its not safe to be outside of a city when the sun goes down. Take great care to survive. We need every hunter alive to combat this evil.

Welcome to my family, initiate. Your first assignment is picking your code name.

Now get to work.

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