Recover yahoo password without phone number and alternate email

If you do not use the specified phone number, you must provide the secondary mailbox ID at this point. This email id is the identifier that you used when creating the Yahoo account. And once provided, the alternative email account will receive a Yahoo code that will be the recovery code of your Yahoo account.

Enter your email address and click Yes, send me a code.

You will now receive an email to your secondary email address and the message will contain the code to recover the password.

Enter the verification code you obtained by email and click Verify.

Now, in the list of accounts, select and log in to the email address provided.

Click Continue.

Recover a Yahoo password with a Provided secret question

In this recovery section, a secret question will be asked, depending on what you completed while creating this Yahoo account. Here are the following steps that will allow you to instantly obtain the previous password.

Note: If you do not provide and do not answer the specific question, this recovery process will be useless.

And the steps are here follow this:-

When connecting to the process, if you do not remember the password, select I have a problem with my password.

The following steps allow you to enter your Yahoo ID and click Next.

You will be asked to enter the CAPTCHA code provided, if necessary.

In the next step, select the Use my secret questions option and click Next.

Now, from the given question, answer correctly to recover your password. After entering the answer, click Next to continue.

Finally, enter the new password, which will be your new permanent password to use in the Yahoo account.

How to start in Yahoo Mail? new account

Everyone wants to be connected with their friends, whether local or international and this can be for official reasons that connect it quickly. If you're new to Yahoo and want to get started, you can follow the steps you need to know before registering, which will help you to easily use Yahoo's email account. Yahoo Mail allows you to stay connected and stay organized, which includes free and free access.

First, you need to access the Yahoo site in your web browser, then click Save Options Now.

Second, you must provide your personal information on the registration page, such as your first name, last name, email address, set your Yahoo password; You can also provide your phone number, date of birth, sex you belong to, click on Yahoo's terms and conditions, and then on Create an account.

Third, you are ready to use Yahoo's email account.

Yahoo Mail users may sometimes experience password issues. There are many social networking sites available today to keep in touch with your friends. And to register on all these social sites, you must, as always, register and configure a secure password. Storing passwords is sometimes difficult and tends to enter an incorrect password when connecting. Therefore, if you lose or forget Yahoo's password, do not worry, the following steps will help you reset Yahoo's email password.

Steps to recover the forgotten password:

First, you need to open in your web browser.

Second, enter your Yahoo ID and click Continue.

Third, click I forgot my password that will take you to the account page.

Fourth, you must enter your e-mail address again and click Continue.

Fifth, you will be asked to enter the CAPTCHA code and, once entered, click Send.

Sixth, to reset Yahoo's password, you must verify your identity through your mobile phone number if you provided it when you registered. You will receive an SMS with your number. All you need to do is click Yes to send an SMS to the code button if you want to verify your identity via your mobile phone number.

Seventh, Yahoo will send the verification code to your mobile phone number. Once you have received the code, you must now enter the verification code in the empty box and click on Verify. Once you click Verify, you can now create a new password for your Yahoo email account.

You can also get a verification code if you added another email address when you first registered to forget the password of the Yahoo email account.

In ninth place, you can also recover Yahoo's forgotten password if you asked security questions when you registered. These will be the alternative options in case you have secret questions with Yahoo. If you answer correctly, you can change your password quickly.