This story of a dreamer who always try to do something for his country and nation. According to my dream when i was an bachelor student i started work for rural area science education popularization and high school kids career decision making difficulties issue and encourage them about lot of opportunity. Cause when i was an student in village high school i felt there is lot of things we missed. Now i realized clearly what really i missed and want to share my own experience with them that can help them in future in their career life. And they will never thing like me. I believe when they will get opportunity they will work for future generation. This is like a cycle that i want to run it with them.

Balithuba Abdul Hamid High School

Faridganj, Chandpur

Matripith Government Girl's High School

Chandpur Sadar, Chandpur

Chandra Imam Ali High School and College

Chandra, Faridganj

Here i will share few of my activities in Bangladesh rural area different district :

Talk about Dream


Corporate Event

Front of Foreigner

Talk with them

Career - Science - ICT - Life Story - IOT - Tech

UIU University, Dhaka

Habigonj, Sylhet

Munsiganj, Dhaka

Munsirhat, Chandpur

Shared Dreams

Dhamrai Hardinge High School and College, Dhamrai.

Industry & Academia

DIU & GUOSHENG Initiative

We read science book

Radio Colony Model School, Savar