Asian heritage month


CPA is proud to present its very own Asian Heritage Month festivities/events throughout the week of May 23-26th. We are excited to invite anyone and everyone to our hands on workshops, exciting events, and creative activities originating from various parts of Asia. Activities range from martial arts demonstrations to sushi hand roll workshops, and many, many more. Our goal is to develop your understanding and appreciation for Asian culture through these cultural events which will also serve as a fundraiser for Feed Nova Scotia.

Check out other pages for further details on the events- date, place, requirements. Please note that some activities are do require registration since it's impossible to fit everyone in. Sign up while a spot is still available!

an article by Shirley Torres

“I’m Asian.” “No, you’re not. You’re Filipino.”

This was part of a conversation between my niece and a friend of hers several years ago. As Filipinos, we too are part of Asia but somehow we end up being identified solely as Filipinos. It is important to note that Asians are a diverse group of people that celebrate different cultural practices and religious beliefs.

One interesting fact about Asia is that it is the largest continent. Asia is comprised of around 50 different countries.

Canada is home to a large percentage of immigrants from these countries. They brought their rich culture along with their determination to strive and work hard to achieve their goals. In various ways, they contribute to the development and growth of Canada.

In May, 2002, the Government of Canada signed a declaration designating May as Asian Heritage Month. Adopted by the senate in 2001, this was proposed by Senator Vivienne Poy, the first Canadian senator of Asian heritage. This is to acknowledge and recognize the various contributions of Asians in Canadian society.

There is a long list of Canadians of Asian heritage who have excelled in various fields: politics, economics, science, arts and service – but I would like to add to this list – all Canadians of Asian heritage. In their own diverse ways, directly or indirectly, they have contributed something to their community, their workplaces and to Canadian society as a whole. In May, let us celebrate all Asians in Canada. Let us be one with them and show our support for them in their effort and struggle to achieve their goals and realize their dreams.

On behalf of all Asians I invite and welcome everyone to experience Asian culture. Check out the activities and festivities that have been organized by Asian Heritage Month Societies and other Asian groups in your communities. Explore the exotic spices and culinary delight that will leave your taste buds craving for more. May is a very opportune time to learn more about Asia and appreciate its history, culture and its people.


Submitted by:

Shirley Torres

Filipino…..and Asian