Asian Bookies

Asian Bookmakers

Are you familiar with the craze of Asian bookmakers? Would you like to discover what makes Asian-based bookies so unique? Well, for starters, Asia boasts one of the largest betting markets worldwide.

A myriad of established international brands is continually entering this regional market and serve bettors from across borders. Regardless of where you’re based in the world, we’ll help you find a betting site that suits your needs. Please keep reading to get familiar with the specifics of Asian betting platforms and what makes them so special.


Best Asian Bookies

Let's keep it simple. We have checked tens of bookies, but no one has all the Asian languages, currencies or most convenient payment options except BetWinner! It's our choice for now. If you register through the link below, you also get solid welcome bonus.


BetWinner is licensed, has tons of best payment options, tens of languages, etc. And most noteworthy, it has probably all the possible sports events to bet on. Literally, thousands of games daily.

BetWinner accepts players from these Asian countries: Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Myanmar (Burma), Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Singapore, India, Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mongolia, Armenia, South Korea and many others. Just visit it and you'll find out if your country is in the accepted's list.

Different Types Of Asian Betting Sites

The primary division of bet placing sites in Asia consists of four main types. We give you a concise overview of each so that you’re aware of your options and what to expect.

· Sportsbooks. If you’ve landed at a sportsbook page, you’re welcome to bet on the results of sporting events. Asian betting sites are all-encompassing and offer a vast assortment of sports. The types of bets are also variable, and their focus is always on providing the best odds.

· Racebooks. Here, we are speaking of Asian bookies dedicated to dog and horse racing from around the globe. Most bookmakers in Asia tend to offer different tracks and races with dynamic action throughout the entire day. The essential upside of racebook events is that they often get combined with sportsbooks or casinos.

· Casinos. Online casinos are virtual places that attract lovers of table games, slots, and live dealer games. Depending on the assortment, promos, game providers, and game quality, the likelihood to pamper new players increases.

· All-inclusive platforms. Such operators combine two or more of the options outlined above. Even better, there haven’t been a lot of carriers that specialize in one segment only lately. Most Asian iGaming destinations are a combination of a racebook and a sportsbook, or a casino and a sportsbook. Great news for betting fans!

Beware that bettors often misspell Asian sportsbooks with the term Asian bokie. People often miswrite this notion due to a lack of knowledge or focus. Still, remember that there isn’t such a thing as Assian bookie, Asean boki, or Asia bokkie. The correct term is an Asian bookie, which is the short form of ‘bookmaker.’

How To Deposit At An Asian Sportsbook?

Reputable Asian bookmakers offer multiple deposit methods but mainly depend on the specifics of the home country. Chinese people, for example, deposit with debit cards, while countries like Malaysia and Indonesia, tend to deposit via their bank accounts. It’s worth mentioning that credit and debit cards are the preferred deposit methods as they are both fast and safe.

The largest selection of deposit options is available in Thailand, whereas Vietnamese people face the opposite situation. Their options include Western Union, MoneyGram, and some local e-wallets. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin get broadly accepted and are convenient for sports bettors who pursue anonymity and security in online betting endeavors.

When e-wallets come into question, check beforehand the available options. Most Asian bookmakers allow the use of Neteller, Skrill, and PayPal. Plus, they have some local e-wallet services such as Asiapay88 that are quite popular in the Asian wagering world.

How To Withdraw From Asian Bookies?

In case you had a lucky day and won some decent cash, it’s time to focus on withdrawing your winnings. As luck might have it, the Asian financial market is quite open, so you have plenty of options to take money out. Also, bear in mind that withdrawals mainly depend on the site you’re exploiting.

Before you place your wagers, always check the banking options at disposal. Most Asian wagering sites will allow you to use the same method both for depositing and withdrawing money. So, once you decide to retrieve your funds, look for the “withdrawal” button, and select the cashout option that most suits you.

Remember that you must fill in your ID data to get verified and continue the withdrawal process. Depending on the bank and the withdrawal option, you should receive your money within 1 to 5 days at the latest.

Supported Currencies At Asian Betting Sites

The most significant upside of Asian bookmakers is the possibility to open online betting accounts in various currencies. Asian betting enthusiasts may even hold an account in popular currencies such as US Dollars (USD) and UK Pounds (GBR). The most used options are the Chinese Yuan (CNY), Indonesian Rupiah (IDR), Hong Kong Dollars (HKD), Malaysia Ringgit (MYR), and Thailand Baht (THB).

For instance, leading sites with Asian bookie betting accept nearly 30 different currencies from across the world. Meaning, you can deposit in any currency you want and avoid the hustle of conversion fees. If you intend to skip the conversion process and bet in your own money, look for betting sites that support it.

When it comes to reliable Asian bookies that accept your local currency, feel free to check our suggestions. CNY Bookmakers, JPY Bookmakers, and RM Bookmakers are some of the top-rated Asia bookmakers. You can also check out RP Bookmakers and VND Bookmakers.

Asian Sportsbooks By Country

Before you slide into the realm of betting, make sure your favorite platforms accept punters from your country. To make things clearer to our appreciated readership, we’ve put effort into selecting the best bookies by country. For a detailed reference, check the sites below:

· China Sportbooks: Betonline, Cloudbet, 888Sport;

· Singapore Sportbooks: Unibet, Cloudbet, Intertops, Betonline, 5Dimes, Betsson;

· Indian Sportbooks: Betonline, 888Sport, Unibet;

· Japan Sportbooks: William Hill, 888Sport, Bwin, Cloudbet;

· Malaysian Sportbooks: William Hill, 888Sport, Bwin, Sbobet;

· Thailand Sportbooks: Bwin, Cloudbet.

The Asian bookie betting sites suggested here are both trusted and secure. Whatever option you select, expect to enjoy your bet placing time to the fullest.

Asian Handicap Betting

People usually look for Asian Handicap Betting and mistake it for Asian bookies. The first is a form of soccer betting created to eliminate the possibility of a draw outcome of a soccer match. With only two possible results, the chances of winning rise.

Asian handicap betting is basically a betting strategy that helps bettor achieve better results in the long run. However, many people misunderstand this and believe that Asian handicap betting is the same as Asian sports betting. The reason is evident as both have the term ‘Asian’ in them. Still, it’s important not to mistake Asian handicap betting with Asian sports betting. The first is a type of Asian bookies soccer bet, while the latter is an entire betting market.

Betting At Asian Sportsbooks

In some cases, you’ll get a prohibition to play at some Asian online casinos if you reside in Asia. When your access to an online betting platform within Asia is restricted, consider exploiting a VPN service. In short, VPN services grant you access to multiple sites and allow you to place wagers. Be aware that mobile betting apps are omnipresent and enable playing at local online casinos, too.

In case you reside and play from outside Asia, your money should be safer, provided you stick to the terms and conditions. Meaning, Asian punters might face difficulties while attempting to withdraw their gains to credit or debit cards issued by Chinese banks.

Bonuses And Promotions At Asian Betting Sites

Free bets and match bonuses are a common sight at Asian sportsbooks. These betting sites are well aware of what bettors want the most. So, newbies get all kinds of treats right from the moment they join the Asian betting platform.

Besides a welcome deal, Asian sports betting websites also launch limited-time promotions for returning players. Some of them even have generous VIP rewards for their most loyal bettors.

Sbobet - The Best Asian Bookie

Sbobet is one of the best bookmakers that operates both in Asia and Europe. Serving the sportsbook market for nearly 17 years, Sbobet has a license granted by the Gambling Supervision Commission. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that there has been no security breach or severe safety issue whatsoever. Due to the highly professional customer support, this brand name has become a symbol of trust and reliability.

The live betting matches are practically limitless as sportsbook enthusiasts can choose from an extensive array of sports. Even live streaming for up to 20 games per day is available. Bettors particularly like the in-play buttons such as Auto Refresh Odds and Auto Process Bet. Mobile punters are welcome as the site offers a mobile app that is perfectly customized and glitch-free.

On top of that, keen players can try the Asian handicap, which is hugely popular on the continent. Their handicap system contains the best odds you’ll ever find online. Sbobet offerings are unique, and bettors are 100% sure they get an unrivaled variety of choices when placing wagers. Some of the most attractive betting options include soccer, tennis, cricket, baseball, boxing, and water polo.

Deposits are one concern less because you have a myriad of payment options at disposal. Except for PayPal, almost all payment methods get accepted, and processing can vary up to several days. The excellent news is that there are no transaction fees, but only one withdrawal per 24 hours is allowed.

Though there is a casino option with multiple games at disposal, unfortunately, poker and bingo are not in the offer. When it comes to languages, both customer support and site versions are available in ten world languages. Punters can contact the support team via email, phone, live chat, or Skype to receive impeccable service even in peak times.

Asian Brokers

Provided that you can’t use bookies in Asia for some reasons from your home country, we’ve got you covered. The solution to your disallowed access to online bet placing sites lies in a reliable Asian broker. With this idea in practice, your access to many sportsbook accounts gets granted. The underlying role of the broker is to manage deposits and withdrawals and facilitate the money transfer between various bookmaker accounts.

Betting agents help clients open accounts for major bookies in Asia and make sure they get the best available market odds. Professional players particularly appreciate the guaranteed anonymity and the fact that there is no commission charged on bets. However, note that winnings are subject to a commission that is significantly lower with a broker. Some of the most exclusive bet brokers include Asianconnect and BetInAsia.

Asian Versus European Bookmakers

Similarities and variations in Asian and European bookmakers are evident, and both have their upsides and downsides. For instance, Asian bookie betting takes pride in their wagering limits and lower margins than their European counterparts. Top-notch Asia bookies offer huge deposit and withdrawal limits, as well as better odds, and this attracts high roller punters.

Conversely, European bookmakers are great for live betting. Also, the wide variety of markets gives betting enthusiasts an additional motivation to give different sports a try. Stake and deposit limits are indeed a bit lower, but bettors can place bets on almost anything. In football, this includes offside, red and yellow cards, corners, top scorers, etc.

Asian Bookie Betting For Americans

Views on online sports betting in Asia are grossly divided. Thus, it is becoming increasingly difficult for Americans to penetrate the Asia bet placing market and play legally. More precisely, current residents in the US who wish to bet with an Asian bookmaker have almost non-existent chances to wager online.

Restrictions for US players are in force, so they must be persistent to find a betting site. Hopefully, this hindrance will get eliminated in the future, and Americans will have access to the Asian online betting system.

The Takeaway

To sum up, Asia bookies offer better odds, faster payouts, and excellent support for multiple currencies. Therefore, if you want to take sports betting to a higher level, enjoy the benefits of Asian sites. It’s an excellent and trustworthy betting option to consider.

Hopefully, the information contained in this guide is as detailed as you need to reach a final verdict on Asian bookies. Regardless of whether you’re hunting down sportsbooks or racebooks, these Asian bookie tips will resolve any doubts you might have.

Finally, don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter for more extensive articles and guides on online betting.


Is it legal to bet online with Asian bookies?

Betting online with Asian bookmakers shouldn’t be an issue. The Philippines and Macau are more liberal in terms of online betting, whereas China and Indonesia have imposed individual bans on betting. Therefore, you might need to use offshore sites or a VPN to be able to enjoy betting platforms online. However, always check whether your country is eligible before you register with a particular site.

What are the most popular sports at Asian betting sites?

Since Asia is a diverse and vast continent, you’ll find various sporting interests across different cultures. The majority of punters prefer football, so soccer is extremely popular. Asians are really into European soccer and mainly bet on the English Premier League and the Spanish La Liga. Other sports include basketball, baseball, table tennis, and badminton. The popularity of mixed martial arts is continually growing, and so is the interest of betting fans across Asia.

Can anyone register and bet with Asian bookmakers?

Asian betting sites are eager to serve betting fans from around the globe without any significant restrictions. However, sometimes there are limitations when it comes to the particular location you’re accessing from. These restrictions vary from one bookie and country to another. Therefore, it’s best to verify if you’re legally allowed to participate before starting to bet.

Is online betting popular in Asia?

On the one hand, betting online is becoming increasingly popular in Asia. Asian countries have a long history of gambling, and betting on sports online is not an exception nowadays. On the other hand, most Asian authorities deem it illegal and shut down operators. Most legal betting platforms online are those approved and organized by the local government and national lotteries.

Last page update: 08/06/2021

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