Director of Squash

Dick Crawford, Coach 1968 - 1994

Ashley Kayler, Coach 1996 - 2010

Lauren Patrizio, Women's Coach 2010 - 2018

Eric Katerman, Coach 2017 - 2021

Thomas Lowish, Coach 2013 - 2018

The ‘Director of Squash’ Endowment


We believe that after 50 years of club squash at UC Berkeley, the time has come to move the squash program to the next level.  


Since 1969, squash has existed as a recreational activity and club sport at the University and has relied on the efforts of various volunteer coaches over the years to provide lessons for aspiring players, and help organize a makeshift program.


In recent years, squash has come under increasing pressure from other sports.   Some universities have even ended their squash programs in recent years due to financial reasons. Having a strong, permanent financial position is key to preserving this wonderful sport at the Cal campus.   Cal’s squash program, fragile as it may be, remains the beacon of squash among all public universities on the west coast.  And we feel that we should do everything we can to preserve that legacy and provide a way forward to other squash programs on the west coast.


What would a ‘Director of Squash’ do?



We feel that the amount to have a fully endowed position is $1 million.  This would yield approximately $60,000 annually.   The director would then be able to earn additional income by giving private lessons and running clinics.


We believe that we can raise $1 million over 6 to 8 years.  In addition, we can begin paying a part time professional coach as soon as the fund has reached $250k.

Thank You to our Major Lifetime Donors

$50,000 +

Amarjit Gill

$25,000 +

James Marver

$15,000 +

Ashley Kayler

David Lewin

$10,000 +

Dick Crawford

George Jacob

Pierre Breber

Harsha Raghavan

$5,000 +

Paul & Irene Gessling

Jose Alonso

Sangtae Park

Jay Prince

Clarence So

Cliff Wyatt

John Kunze

$2,500 +

Paul Kohler

Mike Jensen-Akula

Sunny Khan

Luen Lien

Dion Lim

Andre Naniche

David Rosenberg

Manu Vaish

Stephen Wolbers

Mark Jones

Patricia Love

Jeff Mackewicz

$1,000 +

Ray Lifchez

Charlie Haims

Jim Veitch

Harlan Yu

Mitch Guthman

George Witter

Dave Jones

Aurangzeb Khan

Phil Kohler

Douglas Lee

Jim McGibbon

Richard Morrissey

Rutton Patel

Kameshwar Poolla

David Quinn

Sid Sheel

Eugene Sun

Paul Torelli

Stephen Chuang

Adrian Doe

Frank Kennamer

Parth Sethia

John Yoo

Taissa Cherry

Bill Branson

Jim Evans