Content Strategy


As Told By Emoji | Disney

The Disney Digital Network in 2015 premiered As Told By Emoji. Each short in the ongoing animated video series features the retelling of a classic Disney story using emojis and other mobile icons.

I oversaw international content strategy for the shorts. This included content syndication to ensure culturally appropriate and accurate translations in differing markets. I also communicated brand guidelines to global stakeholders to guarantee the look and feel of the shorts remained consistent across markets.

As of 2017, the series has been translated into 25 languages with more than 150 million views in total across platforms.

Tsum Tsum Kingdom | Disney

To promote a new plush toy product line, the Disney Digital Network partnered with Disney Consumer Products and Disney Japan in 2016 to develop a video series called Tsum Tsum Kingdom. The shorts playfully answered the question, 'What silly adventures do our plush toys embark on when we are not looking?"

I developed and maintained relationships with the Disney Asia offices to ensure seamless content syndication, including a day-and-date premiere of the series with Disney Japan. My internationalization efforts included management of content clearances, localization and distribution to our international markets.

With content that felt "local" in language and tone, the series' global lifetime views doubled.

Babble and Oh My Disney Latin America | Disney

The Disney Digital Network in 2016 prioritized an effort by my team to optimize content alignment between the U.S. editorial voices, Oh My Disney and Babble, and their international brand extensions, Babble Latin America and Oh My Disney Latin America.

Starting in 2016, I managed a brand and legal review of historical content for use in the international brand extensions. On an ongoing basis, I oversaw international brand approvals for re-purposed content.

Overall, developing a global content strategy helped to reduce content development costs for international markets that were able to re-purpose existing U.S. content. There was also a more cohesive tone and look to each editorial voice globally.