Guilt-Free Fundraising

The Ashford School PTO “GUILT FREE” Fundraiser!

Don’t want to be bothered with fundraisers this year but still want to support your school?

Be “GUILT FREE” all year long!

Simply make a donation now and never feel guilty if you

don’t participate in any other fundraisers this year!

What does your Ashford School PTO use fundraising money for? Cultural Arts programs and assemblies, science programs and workshops, leveled reading program, book fairs, library funding, recognition of children and teachers, supplement field trip costs and provide teachers with needed items that don’t fall within their provided budget. The above listed items are a small sample of what we do – please feel welcome to volunteer or simply attend a meeting to find out more!

Please note the fundraiser will be sent home with all students for simplicity and ease of the teachers. Just simply return with a note stating you already provided a guilt free donation. If you have not made a donation and would like to please print the below flyer and return to school. Thanks for you support as without these donations or fundraiser we would not be able to provide what we do.