Cultural Arts Assemblies

Event Schedule

Performances are free, and all parents/guardians are welcome to attend and enjoy this incredible cultural experience.

March 3: Traveling Lantern Theatre Company presents "The Hobbit"

9:00am in the school gymnasium

The cherished tale of a home-loving little Hobbit who finds himself on an adventure he could never have imagined! On the way, he meets elves, trolls, a wizard and a dragon... and ssssomething ssstrange called a Gollum.

Discover more about the Traveling Lantern Theatre Company HERE

"The Hobbit" performance is based upon the book, written by J.R.R. Tolkein

April 7: Folktales from Benin, West Africa

9:00am in the school gymnasium

Through a blend of poetry, music and dance, Raouf Mama uses stories to celebrate diversity and our common humanity.

Listen to the NPR profile of Raouf Mama HERE