A family membership for the 2017 season is just $500 for payments received after 05/06/16. Once again, we are also offering three special incentives for 2016:

  1. As an Early Bird, if your account is paid in full by 05/06/16 your family membership is reduced to just $450!
  2. To help Early Birds, you can pay your pool membership in three installments. Suggested deadlines are:
    • $200 due by 03/04/17
    • $200 due by 04/08/17
    • $100 due by 05/06/17
  3. Members receive a $75 credit towards next year’s (2018) membership if they refer a new member from outside Ashcroft Community, who pays in full.

Submitting Your Registration

Please click HERE, print the form and fill it in.

Paying For Your Registration

Mail your completed form and a check payable to "Ashcroft Community Association" for your full fee or installment payment, and mail it to the Membership Coordinator: Ally Gallamore at

Thanks for becoming a member of the Ashcroft Community Pool!