"It's personal and about people. Our members know the winemakers and have in nearly all cases visited the winery. I seldom buy wine from winemakers that speak English so fly under the radar to find gems."

Warren EDWARDES, President and Chairman of ASDW and CEO of Hyde Park Wines.

What can you expect from ASDW?

Our customers enjoy our relaxed, unbiased and professional opinion and the convenience of discussing their requirements via email and telephone at their leisure free of the shackles of shop opening hours. Our members follow a strict code of practice and use the latest technology to ensure that your internet shopping experience is pleasurable and safe.

Our niche ranges of wine are specially selected from all over the world and the virtues of quality, taste and flavour always take precedence over brands and mass production.

The wines on offer are often from small growers and family run wineries where tradition and quality really matter. In nearly all cases we have personally visited the wineries before importing so have a good relationship with the producers.

Many of our members have a portfolio of business interests ranging from a former marketing director of a global soft drinks firm, fashion models, investment bankers, lawyers, e-commerce consultants, physicists and a former RAF pilot and active airline pilot.