University of Illinois at Chicago

American Society of Civil Engineers

Mission Statement:

" enhance the education and professional development of Civil Engineering students and the general student body, to promote the UIC College of Engineering and the Civil and Materials Engineering Department. Also, to serve the community through various service projects and provide a medium for students to develop relationships with fellow students, faculty, and professionals."

October 11, 2018 - ASCE Annual Dinner

Board Members, as well as old and new members, of the ASCE Student Chapter gathered together with ASCE Alumni and Professional Chapter for a night of fun in Navy Pier.


After a year-worth of preparation and three days of competitions, we finally had a night to relax and mingle with fellow students from 18 Illinois Universities.

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Those who are interested in being part of the Steel Bridge or Concrete Canoe competitions at GLSC and SSBC are strongly encouraged to actively participate in the design and construction of the bridge and canoe on designated working days. Work days are located in the garage and will be assigned by the Captain at a future time.


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Working Days

Roosevelt Road Building (RRB)

"The Garage"


<<---Please watch the video on how to find the ASCE garage starting from Engineering Research Facility (ERF) building.